Judith Apter Klinghoffer

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    by Judith Apter Klinghoffer

    The Financial Times published an edited extract from"Zero Sum Game" Gideon Rachman's forthcoming book. In it their award winning liberal columnist bemoans what he perceives to be the unsavory consequences of the post 2008 relative decline of the US. Before becoming an FT columnist, he reports, he has worked for the BBC and the Economist. Three formidable British media outlets which have never hesitated to delight in exposing their disapproval for any expression of American ideological, economic or diplomatic assertiveness. Nor have they failed to celebrate any manifestations of American difficulties especially when Republicans ruled the land or neo-Conservative advocacy of promoting Democracy and Capitalism held sway.

    Of course, this elitist disdain of the promotion of liberty, Rachman now admits, was based on the inherent trust in the much maligned power of American ideology as espoused by the Bush administration and disavowed by the Obama one. It is true that the 2008 economic crisis happened on Bush's watch. But it is also true that the the essence of the changed promoted by Barack Obama was away from the freedom promoting policies of his predecessor so well enumerated by Rachman as he explains:

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