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Nov 1, 2004 3:33 am

Vote For Badnarik!

Like Roderick T. Long, I too intend to vote for Michael Badnarik. His post directly below makes mention of my most important reason, the historical model of third party success. His David Friedman quote goes precisely to the point. You don’t have to take power to profoundly influence policy. Even though the Socialists are on the ballot in only eight states this year they are still the most successful third party in twentieth Century American history.

However, that is not my only reason for voting Libertarian. I am also going to do it because I will enjoy it so much. My distaste for both Bush and Kerry is quite intense. Bush is the worst president of my lifetime. However, when you take the time to really look at the Senator’s record, along with the people he has surrounded himself with, it becomes apparent that there is great potential for truly evil policies during a Kerry administration. To my mind, it is a crap shoot as to which one would do the most harm, which one would take us furthest in the direction of a totalitarian society.

Therefore, I wish to do something to both of them and the worst thing you can do to a politician is to vote for someone else. Besides, what better way to say to those two jerks; “Hey I am not buying into your lies and I know that neither one of cares one bit about me or anything else other your own grasps for power.” Even though, with the help a totally irresponsible media, they managed to fool most of the people in this country into thinking there were only two bad choices, I will know that they did not get me and that will feel good.

There is also another reason to vote for Badnarik and that is because he, his campaign, and the party have earned it. They managed to get on the ballot in 49 states, not an easy feat. They ran an articulate campaign which found its way into new places . If you do not believe me check out these quotes from Badnarik on comedian Doug Stanhope’s website about half way down the homepage. They did a number of things that should have gotten major attention from the media, including getting the nomination in the first place. It is not their fault that the term “news” is obsolete. Does anyone believe that the coverage on Monday, which will almost totally ignore the largely unknown Badnarik, is going to tell us anything new about Bush and Kerry? We will already have heard it ad nauseum. So, if you vote Badnarik you won’t just be hurting Bush and Kerry you will be sticking it to Dan Rather and Bill O’Reilly too. That is also a pleasant thought.

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