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Oct 15, 2008 4:00 pm

60 Minutes Story on Emmett Till Targets Carolyn Bryant

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The 60 Minutes story on the killing of Emmett Till will air on Sunday. Because of our our conversation with the FBI agent investigating the case last week, we had found out that the program would soon appear. As the agent indicated, it will stress the possible involvement of Carolyn Bryant. She was the wife of Roy Bryant, one of the alleged killers. Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam were tried for the murder and acquitted in 1955.

The 60 Minutes report will also include an interview with Henry Lee Loggins, a black former employee of J.W. Milam. Apparently, it will not, however, press for his prosecution.

Readers of Liberty and Power know that my wife and co-author, Linda Royster Beito of Stillman College, were probably the first people to interview Loggins about the case (in July 2001). We had sought him out because of our biography of T.R.M. Howard (pictured here, third person from the left) . Howard was a key civil rights figure, businessman, and fraternal leader in Mississippi who believed that others took part in the killing other than the two white defendants. Loggins strongly denied any involvement of first-hand knowledge of the killing.

After our interview of Loggins, we gave his phone number to film maker, Keith Beauchamp (mentioned below) who then interviewed him for his documentary. At the time of the murder, some alleged that Loggins had participated.

We were also probably the first people to interview Willie Reed. Reed was a black prosecution witness who testified that shortly after the kidnapping he saw Till in a pickup truck with J.W. Milam and several other possible black and white suspects. We wrote an analysis of the case for the History News Network several months ago which includes a discussion of these issues.

Here are excerpts from the 60 Minutes news release:



One of the reasons Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus in 1955 was because a black teenager was tortured and murdered in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman a few months before. No one ever paid for the crime, but 60 MINUTES has confirmed that the recently reopened investigation into the torture-murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till is focused on at least two people: the woman he whistled at and a man who witnesses say they saw on a truck with Till after his abduction. Ed Bradley's report on the case that helped galvanize the civil rights movement in America will be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, Oct. 24 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

The woman Till whistled at, Carolyn Bryant, disappeared from view and was never arrested or charged in the crime. 60 MINUTES found her, now aged 70, living in Greenville, Miss., divorced and remarried and now known as Carolyn Donham. 60 MINUTES confirmed that Donham is a focus of the investigation. Neither she nor her son, Frank Bryant, would discuss Till or the reopened investigation and her involvement in it.

Till, from Chicago, was visiting his cousin, Simeon Wright, when the incident occurred. Wright saw Byrant's husband, Roy, and Bryant's brother-in-law, J.W. Milam, take Till away from the Wright residence late at night. He tells Bradley that his father told him there was a woman in the truck who identified Till."At the time, we believed it was Bryant's wife [Carolyn]. And after 48 and some odd years, there's nothing arisen to dispel that belief," says Wright.

Bryant and Milam were tried for the crime, but acquitted by an all-white jury after a one-hour deliberation, despite the testimony of Wright's father and others.

Blacks were also involved in the crime, according to witnesses. Wright says his father saw a black man on his porch that night with Bryant and Milam and other witnesses said they saw a black man on the truck with Till. The witnesses claimed they saw Henry Lee Loggins, a black man who worked for Milam at the time and who 60 MINUTES also confirmed is under investigation. 60 MINUTES found him living in Ohio. Now 81, Loggins denies the stories."I can't figure it out," he tells Bradley."I wouldn't sit here and tell you no lie. I don't know nothing about that case."

The decision to reopen the case is due in large part to the efforts of Keith Beauchamp, a young, black amateur filmmaker from Louisiana who has devoted much of his life to telling the story of Till and who is producing a documentary on the case. He theorizes, in an interview with Bradley, that even if Loggins and other blacks were involved, it was under duress."We believe that they were forced to participate in the crime. It was going to be either them or Emmett Till," he tells Bradley.

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Die Carolyn Donham - 10/16/2008

My family is very excited about the reopening of this case, and I can't wait to see your grandmother crying on television when her dusty ass is convicted for the role she played in my cousin's death.

I know she's your grandmother so you're all endeared to her or something stupid like that, but what she did will not be ignored or go unpunished. I will see to that. And I feel NOTHING for you or your family. I'm from Mississippi, too, and I know your folks are just delta trash. A karmic payoff, I'd say.

black&whitekiwi kiwi - 10/8/2008

She is not honest an honest person wouldn't let the family of Till suffer for all these years and to not even tell the truth so Mamie Till could pass in peace goes to show how remorseful this B!@#$ really is. I wouldn't read her book anyway NO-WAY in HELL would i purchase anything they may go to her or her family to enjoy any proceeds.

james brown - 10/5/2008

What does the book, I am a old smelly whore who helped kill a little boy. The End.This bitch does not deserve to tell her story. I am a white man, and i will admit I am a little bit racist, but when I learned about this story in school it made my heart bleed. I was just trying to google where she was buried at so I could take a big shit on her grave, but now I have heard she is alive. Rachael you and your family are some sick fucks, go fuck yourself! Rot in hell, all of you!

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

You know Rachel..what's with the friggin' mystic? I don't care about your grandmother regaling some long winded southern tale...she just needs to act human and answer the questions mainly to Till's family. Why can't she for just the right thing!...over 50 years people has gotten 'no comments'...she don't need to write a book just to tell the truth.

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

Why would anyone think she these people should be left alone? They are old...and free...they should be old and imprisoned.

They didn't leave Till alone.

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

I doubt she told her husband to just forget it.

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

She apparently has no remorse. I wonder how would she feel if someone had treated Carolyn's son, who watches over her, in the manner Till was treated.
How nice it would have been for Till to be able to look over his mom (Mamie) in her aging years before her death.
Gee, Carolyn...only 4K for the interview with LOOK...even for that era coupled with a spot in history, you got pimped big time...I guess that's a lot of money if you come out of some cotton patch...yeah, you probably could get some new underwear at the dime store or something...go out on a shopping spree at the local Piggly Wiggly...that is, if you could get a ride.

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008 it out yet?

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

Frightend of what? She married and lived with a friggin' monster? Till's wrists were broken, his legs were broken, his eyes were gouged out, he was lynched, shot, head bashed in, the crown of his skull came off when they pulled him from the river...his toungue had been cut out and shoved back in his mouth, teeth knocked out of his head, etc, etc...Why kind of person even thinks of doing this, let alone carrying the actions forward. She married a person who is capable of doing this...why in hell would she be afraid of a whitsle from a kid? I would be afraid of the damn husband!

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

Carolyn probably felt proud that he husband killed for her so called 'honor'. The Inbreds even made it profitable to tell their story to LOOK magazine....This sickens me...I'd be terrified of any human being that's capable doing such a horrific act...Carolyn was skinning and grinning with her murdering husband...she was proud of him.

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

I am glad she is scared...I hope she stays scared for the rest of her days. She is a typical Polly Anna poor white woman...they think everybody wants them (sexually)...and to think what used to happen to young Black girls at the hands of white about violations! and creating levels of threat...Mississippi must be the epicenter for Anglo inbreeding. Ah F-the old broad!

Ros Campbell - 9/21/2008

It was common for white women to exaggerate situations about Black men. Many of Black men have been victimized because of the false accusations against them due to what some neutotic white woman has stated. It's hard for me to believe that a prankster kid did anything to cause her any real level of threat. He wolf whistled...big deal. Her sister-in-law knew about the ordeal; It wasn't ALL African Americans participated in the information flow to her husband.

Pamela Harvey - 8/23/2008

This was 1955 and what she did was reprehensible. My father told me back in Louisiana was that all a white woman had to do was point and that Black man would be lynched or just simply disappear. But he also said "Never underestimate the power of an idiot an even the trashiest of the poor white trash had more power than a Ph.d Black person. And now this Caroyn Bryant hides behind the shadows like some cock roach. To hell with you ! By the way- who the hell will buy her sorry ass book. She probley had a ghost writer to do it.

Renee Thompson - 5/13/2008

Oh Carolyn, where are you? Oh yeah we know!! You'd better keep your eye out. We all now know in court you lied and helped Emmett get tortured and murdered. You helped them gauge his eyes out and beaten until the only way he was recognized was by the ring on his finger.

I hear Roy and JW died slowly and painfully, and I know you are too, PAINFUL can't be enough for me. You suffer now and when you go to hell where you will suffer eternal damnation. I hope you're sleeping with one eye open. Did you ever come out and apologize for what you have done? No. You are pure scum and not only I know you're suffering but it will pass down to your generations like the idiot grandchild on yours. Burn in hell Carolyn! You better make sure someone does not make that happen right now!

Renee Thompson - 5/13/2008

This is true, Carolyn can help bring some closure to this. But as we can see after all of these years she has chosen not to so as far as I'm concerned, the baby torturer killer does not feel any different. At this point in time, I would not trust one word out of her filthy disgusting killing mouth. There's a special place in hell for her. I even wonder if she has even decided to say something like she's sorry (though I know she's not) to at least the Till family.

stanley stanthehitman51 Makupson - 5/2/2008

I can't believe that this so-called grand daughter wants to protect her family for something that all of them are responsible for some of Hitlers family lives here in the state the all changed there names for fear of retaliation I can't believe that your family has been able to live after all these years in the same area without being murdered. The book proceeds need to go to the Till family but hey I guess like the Man said before he died he did not make enough money off of killing that boy. Your family needs to suffer

stanley stanthehitman51 Makupson - 5/2/2008

I can't believe that this so-called grand daughter wants to protect her family for something that all of them are responsible for some of Hitlers family lives here in the state the all changed there names for fear of retaliation I can't believe that your family has been able to live after all these years in the same area without being murdered. The book proceeds need to go to the Till family but hey I guess like the Man said before he died he did not make enough money off of killing that boy. Your family needs to suffer

John Young - 4/24/2008

If this post is real, and if Rachael Bryant is even real, I am surprised that Carolyn is willing to tell her story. She has lived more than 50 years in hiding from this event. Her son keeps watch over her and keeps reporters and historians away. I've spoken with a number of journalists who have tried to interview her but are denied. I think it is important to hear her story. She is the only one living who can bring closure to this story, if she is honest. I have often thought that she has the chance of being a kind of role model for repairing intolerance by telling her story and showing some remorse for what happened.
Can anyone shed light on her life up until this point?

Rachael Bryant - 4/13/2008

My mom is in the process of getting Carolyns account published. Be on the look out. I will not comment to anything further.

Rachael Bryant - 4/13/2008

I will not comment to anything. Just look for a book to be out, written by my mom and biography of Carolyn. Be on the look out, maybe another year or so.

Rachael Bryant - 4/13/2008

I will not comment anymore about my Grandmother. She and my mom will be releasing a book in about a year. Look out for it.

Rachael Bryant - 4/13/2008

There is a Book coming out soon about the case. Look for it in about a year.

Campbell Alan Cobb - 10/26/2007

How do you feel about your gm being married to a filthy cowardly child killer?

georges best - 9/5/2007

I have just become interested in the Emmitt Till story after recently finishing the book authored by his mother. Reading letters on the discussion board, I am amazed by the poor level of discussion. Anyone bothering to check would see that almost all references agree that 1)Carolyn Bryant did not want to tell her husband about the incident (wolf whistling), probably knowing where it would lead 2) that Roy Bryant came to know about the incident from either a witness to the incident (and unfortunately they were all African Americans) or, indirectly, from someone a witness to the incident had spoken to about it. Sad to say but if witnesses had kept their mouth shut, Emmitt Till would probably still be alive today. If blame must be put, put it at the right place: Roy Bryant and his half-brother, who, in the twisted environment of those times, felt they had to avenge a perceived affront by killing a boy. Carolyn Bryant could be helpful in saying what really happened (was it just wolf whistling or more ?) but, today, nobody would believe her anyway.

sue harviel - 3/31/2007

I feel SO sorry for the granddaughter and other relatives who were not involved in this horrendous crime. Having said that, just because someone is now old and infirm does not excuse their actions when young. Carolyn absolutely knew what would or possibly could happen to that young man when she admitted that he had whistled at her. I would like to honestly know if she has nightmares about what she caused. Does she cry at night when she's alone because of the burden of her guilt? Or does she just brush it off with "that's what he gets" or maybe "things were different in those days". Yes, they were but if she were a decent God fearing human she would come clean with what really happened and who was really involved. If nothing else Carolyn write it down and give it to your attorney to be read upon your death. Do something to ease the suffering of this young man's family. Young Till deserves AT LEAST that much. As for the black accomplishes, I feel it was either them or Mr. Till and if I were in the same situation, I would pick me over him. However, I don't see how they can live with themselves either. I know I couldn't if I stood by and allowed something like this to happen to a child no matter what my reasons. What a horrible time that was. When will we ever mend?

James F Thomas - 1/15/2007

She has had some visitors. This is a pretty frightening site...though folks like this aren't exactly know for their honesty.

She, like all of these other people, is scared, scared, scared....;bheaders=1#45215

AJ AJ - 1/15/2007

Rachel, your grandmother is a SLUT to the DEVIL. THAT DIRTY WHORE should have been hanged years ago along with her husband and his half brother who was a PIMP!

You IGNORANT PIG out of the gutter of hell go ROTE in HELL!

S Rassmussen - 12/4/2006

WOW where to start, Do you even have a clue as to what your grandmother caused? I mean, I can honestly understand a woman being scared of being grabbed or even comments being made to her. (if they even happened at all, I dont beleave they did)...Ill tell you what happened, your "sweet, careing grandmother" was 21 or so at the time, she lived in a town where I can assume the only excitment at the time was watching paint dry. She was a young mother, and married to a very mean,bruital, domanearing man. She may have "loved" her husband but I can assume, "feared" him as well. She didnt get the attion she felt she deserved or maybe she craved the attion from her husband he never gave. The only way to get her husband to pay attion to her was to accuse a boy of someting like this. How could she, knowing full well the kind of man her husband was and knowing the way people felt at the time, in of all places the deep south 1950s and being that it was Miississippi the worst state for hatered at the time, how could she not know what might happen to this child??? Dang lady, wake the hell up, this is 2006, get a clue, your "sweet, careing grandmother" (or however you choose to describe her) CAUSED one of the WORST cases in the civil rights history. Had she had a brain or ANY human emotions at the time, she would have KEPT it to herself, not said a word and a young boy would have been able to live!!! Plain and simple, she knew how her husband would react and she was just doing it for the attion from him...Would you, if it were your son, at 14, think it was ok for him to be murdered for something like this?...I think NOT...May god have mercey on your granmothers sole for what she caused, because she like anyone else, weather they are 21 or 71 SHOULD NEVER get away with what she did!!!

ashley traivs - 11/16/2006

I am curious to know also.

Alex Stevens - 11/15/2006

Does anyone know what Byrant has done with her life over these last 50 years? Did she work? Is she known in her community? How has she managed to live behind the shadow of such a historic moment without giving any public comments?

Patricia A Maldonado - 11/4/2006

Dear Rachael! I found it suprising to see you post and of course who wouldnt want to try and stand by their grandma's. Sadly we dont know how things were in the south in this day and age and how one might have felt to be hated just for being Black. I watched the Documentary about this murder. And it was sheer Racism. How horrible a person to stand and alow this to happen because of a "teeN' acting up !! I believer your poor grandma will suffer till they day she dies. She should confess and cleanse herself!

Justice Peace - 10/8/2006

I have read a number of these comments, and most seem to be driven by the same type of hate. No one is really in the position to cast stones; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We must repay evil with kindness and compassion. Those were ugly times, but we can't dwell there. I'm sure that the guys who told young Emmett to approach Mrs. Carolyn have lived with there fair amount of guilt as well. The point is no matter how tragic, painful, and senseless the death of Emmett Till was, we have to find the compassion to forgive, as Christ forgives us.

April Michelle Labbee - 10/5/2006

What in the hell was she frightened of? Did Emmett Till touch her? Did he threaten her? No, He flipping whistled at her. She could have blown it off and forgot about it but because she went and cried to her husband and then participated in kidnapping, torture and murder of that boy. Why? For a whistle? That is no justification for murder. She may be your grandmother and you may love her and respect her because you don't know any better. Your grandmother may be a sweet, loving person to you and her own family but to everyone else, she is a cold blooded, unfeeling, uncaring, ignorant MURDERER. Enjoy your time with her because honey, She is gonna rot in hell. You better believe that!

April Michelle Labbee - 10/5/2006

My son is only 2 years old and he is my baby but he will still be my baby when he is 14 and when he is 54. You, your husband and your brother in law are murderers. To me you are baby murderers because you killed that woman's baby. I hope you rot in hell with your family. How would you feel if someone murdered your baby because he whistled at someone? I don't know how you sleep at night. Just remember one thing, you may not pay for your crimes on this earth but hell is hot and you will pay when you meet God.

maryam tabibi - 9/30/2006

I hope there is a slow burning hell so that when your grandmother dies(a horrible death) she may lie in it for the rest of eternity.
As for you, HOW DARE YOU DEFEND the slimeball that is your grandmother. As a woman, I have been "frightened" on many occasions by other men, but that did not result in any persons' tortureous death at the hands of my husband.
you have obviously followed in the path of your EVIL relatives in defending them. i am ashamed to live in the same universe as your kind.
and, really, do you know anything about the death of emmett till and your grandmother's involvement in it????

Timothy Cherry - 9/22/2006

Anyone who condones this type of thinking is as evil as the pits of hell. To brutally take human life and have no remorse is inhumane. These were people hiding behind Christianity. This woman has cursed her family for generations to come. Those involved with their freedom will suffer as well. God will judge accordingly.

Timothy Cherry - 9/22/2006

Anyone who condones this mentality it as evil as the pits of hell. To brutally take human life and have no remorse is inhumane. These were evil people hiding behind Christianity. This woman and her husband has cursed her family roots for generations to come. Those involved with their freedom will suffer as well. How can she bare to sleep at night? God will judge accordingly.

alison silk kent - 8/30/2006

If not dead yet I hope that she has a slow painfull death. What she and your grandfather did is inexcusable. How you can try to defend a monster in unbelievable.Obviosly the apple hasnt fallen far.

Kirk W Vance - 8/27/2006

First of all, I am not in any way justifying the killing of Emmitt Till. It was brutal and justice should have been served to Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. However, as it has been pointed out in every in-depth article concerning this case, Carolyn Bryant did not want her husband to know about the encounter between her and Emmitt Till(whatever actually happened- since every witness has given a different story).
According to William Huie (who investigated the story as deeply as anyone, who recorded Mr. Milam's confession, and was a strong advocate of Civil Rights), Mrs. Bryant "didn't run to anyone and holler rape... Stories had her 'running to her husband demanding death.' All lies. All efforts to make her into a Tennessee Williams or Erskine Caldwell character. Carolyn Bryant is poor and pretty; but she is a responsible wife and mother. Her conduct was circumspect. Far from wanting anybody beaten or killed, she wanted the incident forgotten. Neither she nor Juanita Milam would ever have told a white man... During Friday afternoon, Roy reached the store, and shortly thereafter a Negro told him what 'the talk' was, and told him that the 'Chicago boy' was 'visitin’ Preacher.' Carolyn admitted 'the talk,' urged Roy to forget it."
According to The California Eagle's in depth investigation in 1955, a "Negro snitch told [Mr. Bryant] that the 'Chicago boy' had whistled at Carolyn." According to the 1955 booklet "Time Bomb", "The boys went back to the store Friday and nothing was said in reference to their previous visit. It is believed, however, that the whistle incident was marked by one of the men who was within earshot. It is believed such a person may have sought a favor, or perhaps easy credit at the store, by distorting the story for the benefit of Roy Bryant who had been out of town during the week."
Again, it was NOT CAROLYN who mentioned it to her husband. SHE WANTED THE INCIDENT FORGOTTEN. Finally, in an article published in Emerge Magazine in 1995, "By all accounts, Carolyn Bryant did not relay whatever was said Wednesday night to her husband, Roy, who at the time was working out of town with his half–brother, J.W. Milam. They were hauling shrimp from New Orleans to Brownsville, Texas.
The following day, Thursday, was uneventful. But on Friday, Maurice Wright, the oldest of the cousins who had been with Till in the store, made a deadly mistake. According to Crosby Smith, 'Maurice told [Roy] Bryant how Emmett had told his wife what a good–looking woman she was. But he also added a whole lot more to it than there actually was.' Smith said Maurice, a Southerner, 'had been living down here long enough to know that was a dangerous thing to do.'In addition to getting 50 cents in store credit for telling Roy Bryant the story, Crosby Smith suggested Maurice had an additional motive. 'You see, here was this Chicago boy, dressed in fine clothes and carrying a little money in his pocket. I don't think Maurice liked Emmett much, but I don't guess he figured what was going to happen to him, either.'
Mrs. Till said Maurice, who died about five years ago, was haunted by Bo's death. 'I asked Wheeler [Parker, a cousin], `What is wrong with Maurice? It looks like he can't hold himself together.' He told me these words. He said, `Maurice said Bo just won't let him alone'"
All of these articles can be found at
While the death of Emmitt Till was a horrible tragedy, I think that the two who deserve punishment are already dead. Posting a 72 year old woman's phone number and sending letters wishing for her to have a slow death are misguided and won't solve anything, especially when it is a fact that she did not in any way encourage her husband to commit his horrible deed.

Kayla J Russo - 8/1/2006

I am actually slighty sad for you, lady. I think of my grandmothers and what loving beautiful kind ladies they are. I love to sit and listen to their funny old stories from their youth. They did such a good job raising intelligent, worldly individuals. And who do you have to look up to? Carolyn "I'm So Frightened Of Anything Lacking A Ruby Red Neck" Bryant-Donham. How horrible for you. I just really pray that the ugly curse of ignorance and stupidity has skipped you and your generation in that family and that hopefully you and yours aren't out still trying to get little teenage children of color killed in the worst way imaginable. Karma, honey-and if you don't know what karma is look it up.

Robert K Moore - 7/27/2006

It is a crime when someone kills another, regardless of their ethnicity. It is also a crime when someone points to and singles out someone to be killed. That person is an accessory before the fact. If other people fall into this category, regardless of their age and/or color, they must be held accountable. By now, in the twilight of their years, I am certain that they all know this.

With this said, I would like to also mention that since the civil war and President Lincoln's assassination, the south's reconstruction and to the present had been a time of fear for each ethnic community of the other. When something like a black man flirting, in any sense of the word, to a white woman. Something needed to be done. If Bryant hadn't done anything to Till, something would have happened to him. If the other suspected black men (Loggins?) hadn't turned in Till, they too may have been hurt or killed.

People have said some unfriendly words on this board and we say they that we are a Christians, but where is the forgiveness?

Also, Carolyn, Loggins and others must finish this story so we can all learn from this and put it to rest.


Robert K Moore - 7/27/2006

It is a crime when someone kills another, regardless of their ethnicity. It is also a crime when someone points to and singles out someone to be killed. That person is an accessory before the fact. If other people fall into this category, regardless of their age and/or color, they must be held accountable. By now, in the twilight of their years, I am certain that they all know this.

With this said, I would like to also mention that since the civil war and President Lincoln's assassination, the south's reconstruction and to the present had been a time of fear for each ethnic community of the other. When something like a black man flirting, in any sense of the word, to a white woman. Something needed to be done. If Bryant hadn't done anything to Till, something would have happened to him. If the other suspected black men (Loggins?) hadn't turned in Till, they too may have been hurt or killed.

People have said some unfriendly words on this board and we say they that we are a Christians, but where is the forgiveness?

Also, Carolyn, Loggins and others must finish this story so we can all learn from this and put it to rest.


Shelly L Branch - 7/24/2006

Rachael, the best thing you can do for your grandomther is to not be like her. I know she was a product of her environment at that time but just unlike a lot of whites in those times who didn't except the evil idiologies of racism, she took the easy way out. Jesus suffered for all of our sins so his children to come after him won't have to suffer. See the relation? She didn't suffer the resistance to change and now YOU are paying the price for her sin.

I don't know you but I do know that change in your families suffering will start in YOU. If you are willing to face this firing squad for your grandmother, you are stronge enough to be the complete opposite of what she once was.

You can alwasy take the easy way out and consume the same hatred but to go the other direction and stop evil in it's path would give you the true meaning of being Christ-like.

Eleanor Stewart - 6/1/2006

Rachael, you sound a lot like your grandmother.
That is sad.

Eleanor Stewart - 6/1/2006

It happened a long time ago. And there is no statute of limitations on murder, for a reason.

The Nazi concentration camps happened a long time ago, too.

If we forget, we are doomed to repeating the horrors of history.

And that woman is a horror of history. SHe should be arrested and prosecuted.

Eleanor Stewart - 6/1/2006

I hope the FBI arrests and prosecutes that woman. Someone involved should finally be held accountable for the death of that boy.

Eleanor Stewart - 6/1/2006

It is sad that the grandchild of this woman defends her. I would not defend a relative who was a bigot, and caused the death of a child.
What is saddest of all is that racism is generational - the children of racists often become racists.

As to blacks overtaking the country...I would hope that all races can be equally represented in this country. Otherwise, the Civil Rights fight was in vain.

Precious Packnett - 4/20/2006

"It" in the case, the struggle, the injustices, the pain, the hurt WASN'T that long ago. Forget the past?? You fail to understand that our history directly and indirectly affects Black culture, Black people, Black lives. So until all race matters and issues are mediated and the worlds lives in peace and harmony, this will ALWAYS be a subject.

Precious Packnett - 4/20/2006

I think to go as far as referring to anyone as a "discrace of a human being" is ridiculous. What was done to Emmet Till and his family is a disgrace. An apology is owed by someone that possesses the commonality of blood in that family. Accountability needs to be assumed and the truth needs to be told as well. So before you try to justify her emotional state at that time, and support that she "did nothing wrong"...check the facts.

Joseph Samuel Aubry - 4/1/2006

I do not Hate anyone at all. And I would not turn anyone in for what ever they put in on this message board. Unless it was really bad. About the Emmett Till case The main ones who did it are know dead and sense it could not happen today in Mississippi maybe it would be best to forget it. Roy Bryant (1931-1994) was one of the accused killers. Born in Charleston, Mississippi, Tallahatchie Country married Carolyn in 1951 and thay had three sons He also had a daughter before his marriage to Carolyn. Him and Carolyn were divorced in 1979. He was not to honest either at seems. He was indicted for buying food stamps for less than their value and then selling them at full price. Two times. Lost his feet due to diabetes and eventually died of caner at the Baptist Hosital in Jackson, Mississippi. Also John William Milam (1919-1980) was a accused murderer. Also born in Charleston. Married Juanita Thompson in 1949. After the acquittal of both killers thay confessed to the crime for $3500 to reporter William Bradford Huie and it was published in Look Magazine. He worked in Greenville, Mississippe and was retired at the time of his death of cancer. The woman Carolyn (Holloway) Bryant 1934- ) was born in Indianola, Sunflower County, Mississippi and at 17 won two beauty contests. She was the alleged victim of a "wolf whistle" by Till at the store. She testified duringthe murder trial that on the occasion of the whistle, "a Negro man" had grabbed her and asked her for a date. Judge Curtis Swango decided that her court testimony was not admissible before the jury. She had two sons with Roy Bryant at the time of the trial and later had a third by him. Thay moved to Texas but returned to Mississippi in 1972. She was married four times. Also to a Billy Wilson but her last name is know Donham. I do not know the other one. She know lives in Greenville Mississippi, Washington County, Mississippi, and has refused all requests to discuss the case. She has been under investigation by the FBI as a accomplice in the kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till. Also a black man Henry Lee Looggins (1927- ) could be and accomplice in the case. Robert Hodges (1938- ) was the young fisherman who discovered Emmett Till's body in the Tallahatchie River at a spot called Pecan Point, near Phipp, on August 31, 1955. I think about 12 miles north of Money, Mississippi. He was a witness for the prosecution at the murder trial. Also Emmett Till's father was executed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower at the end of World War II (I think about 1945) for killing a Italian white woman and raping three other Italian white women. I know the son should not be held for what his father did. With all this done what can we do. Am I to call all are past history people racist in American history. Presidents like George Wasington - Thomas Jefferson - Andrew Jackson and lesser know president James Madison all owned slaves. Most people who lived in this county 100 years ago would have been racist because most if not about all were for segregation. Am I to throw my hole countys history away. By the way if anyone wants Carolyn (Bryant) Donham's address and phone number I can E-MAIL them to you. I do not want to put them here. I have never called her or anyone else. Thier is a no trespassing sign on the propriety.

Joseph Samuel Aubry - 4/1/2006

I do not Hate Anyone at All.

Nicole A Randle - 3/30/2006

Well I am sorry Rachael, but your grandma was the cause of a brutal murder to a 14 year old kid. Emmett was not a grown man. You have to be a savage to allow or be responsible for such a crime. As far as your Grandfather he is the biggest coward in the history of America. I bet if he tried to hurt Emmett by himself he would not have won. White people kill me when they try to act as though blacks are such a threat, but in all truth white people are the threat (serial killers,etc.). I am glad to hear that Roy died from cancer. I hope he suffered. Also Rachael if you don't want to live life being an outsider you should tell your Grandma that she should tell the truth about what happened instead of running. If she is such a frightened old lady who is kind and sweet there should be no reason for her to hold back information from Emmett's family. I'm sure Roy told her everything they did to him that night. As long as she is hiding we know she feels guilty. I also hope you don't hate black people, because we are taking over! Everything blacks do white people want to be a part of it. One thing you can count on, when we take over the U.S. we will not lynch or beat on white people just for the fun of it and especially not kids! I hope more black men and youths that live near your Grandma find out about who she is and I hope they whistle all day long. One question I need you to answer is would you be ok with someone doing the same thing to your grandma that they did to Emmett? Please answer since you are so defensive!

Robert Anderson - 2/4/2006

What else do you know about your grandmother and the death of Emmett Till?

Robert Anderson - 2/4/2006

"She was just a woman that was frightened."

What else do you know about your grandmother and the death of Emmett Till?

Rachael Bryant - 1/31/2006

You need to rot in hell! Dont hurt my grandma or i will hurt you!

Rachael Bryant - 1/31/2006

She is not a ugly, wrinkled old lady. She is my grandmother and I love her. You should be ashamed of yourself you discrace of a human being. She did nothing wrong. She was just a woman that was frightened.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

That is so true.I am asian too.White people can be so cruel.And some are so nice.It's funny the world is round and not triangle.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

OMG!I live in Greenville,MS(but moved from california).
P.S.I think I might see her in Wal-Mart.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

Yea?Well,I live in Mississippi(came from Cali)and live in the same CITY as this old coot,the ugly carolyn.Greenville,MS.That's right.I'm serious.
P.S.Racist.This is an IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER!!...Racist.STOP BEING RACY!!Go report i care.i just wanted to comment.this is not even my email.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

Of course they want to find the truth!Hey,what if YOU were the guy's race?I would be SO freakin' mad.I live in Greenville,MS where this old coot lives.And I'm serious.Majority of the black people live here.
P.S.You sound like a racist to me.Get out.Go ahead.Report me.Like I care.I just wanted to comment here.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

Really.I live in Greenville,MS,where she lives now.I don't like that ugly old coot.I sometimes see her at Wal-Mart.

ydoyouwanttoknow? woteva hush - 1/25/2006

I live in Greenville,MS.I think I may know where she lives.I don't like her too.Ugly Marylin Monroe.That ugly,wrinkled old lady that smells like an old fart.
-13year old

Cecelia Nora Joyce - 11/23/2005

Some of the culture of the south should be remembered when condemning the 12 jurors who acquitted the two men. We should remember there were probably very few white men in Mississippi at the time who would have found them guilty.

Also, the search for black accomplices I think is more in search of the truth than of a conviction. There can be no doubt that refusal to do their master's bidding in such a situation would probably have been tantamount to a death wish, and I don't think any black servant who was involved is likely to be convicted in this case.

I do think any kind of victimisation of any of those involved in the case, Carolyn Donham, the jurors etc. is really just lowering yourself to their level and should be avoided.

Cecelia Nora Joyce - 11/23/2005

I think it is very easy to generally say that there should be less hate, and that the past should be left in the past. It is sad that the reopened case will result in findings against old people, but in this case, as justice was denied Emmett Till, it is not enough to say that those people should just be left alone. I think the reopening of the case is less in order to punish the perpetrators for their wrongdoing, and more to bring justice on behalf of a young boy who was horrifically murdered, and then denied that same justice over half a century ago. It is also for the people he left behind. They want to know the truth.

Joseph Samuel Aubry - 6/22/2005

It Is so long ago I would said to forget it. What good is it going to do but put a few old people in jail for the rest of there lives. I don't believe it could happen today in Mississippi. I would say the blacks have most of their rights know. Even though some things are still segregated. Do not people have the right to associate with the people thay want to in their private lives. I am from Illinois but was in Mississippi in february and may of this year 2005. I was also in Mississippi in the early 1960s and it is a lot differenet now. So lets just forget the past it is differenet now.

Earl C Grinstead - 6/22/2005

I hope you know that you, your late husband, and J.W. Milam helped divide a nation with your racist views and actions. This may have been just one piece of the civil rights puzzle but this piece is so important. Thank God that the justice department has decided to reopening this case. I hope after all of the investigating that you will be found just as guilty as the two men that actually took this young mans life. It's sad to see that after all these years that finally justice is being served to these older white people that have committed these hainous crimes in the sixties. You all should be enjoying life and your grand children. But as they say "you sleep in the bed that you make". Finally, Emmitt Till gets to have his say.

R. Winton - 6/5/2005

Since Ms. Bryant/Donham may be one of the last people alive who knows the whole truth about the murder of Emmett Till (which hopefully she will divulge) and because in the most widely documented version of the affair she at least tried conceal the incident with Emmett from her husband it may not be wise or even "fair" to harrass her.

In my opinion the ones who deserve a big dose of "payback" are the 12 jurors who intentionly freed two child killers. I've read nothing about them. I would like to see more about each of them including any improprieties they may have committed as jurors. I also would like to know what became of each of them including what any (who are still alive) are doing now. This is where any new investigation should focus.

Lastly, I read that there are discussions of reopening the investigation with some focus on black accomplices to the murder. To think that the two primary (and perhaps only) criminals including the self-confessed trigger man got off scott free and while secondary figure who is a black guy might actually stand some chance of criminal conviction seems completely absurd to me. Just think of the possibility--the only person convicted in the murder of Emmett Till is an old black guy--I can't believe anyone with half a brain would even consider such a thing.

This is a very interesting and sad event (and also a big piece of American history)--but I think it led to a better world for everyone, so young Till's death was not in vain.

Bryan W. Avery - 6/2/2005

Ms's Kim and Chang,

I am delighted to see that African-American history can be of some interest to Asian Americans. I have an interest in Asian-American history, as well as Asia itself. I grew up in a multi-cultural, military-brat society. I think that's partly why I have such interest. It has been my experience that many Asians/Americans of Asian descent seem to wholeheartedly accept the negative views put forth hateful white folk and consider us as the subhumans we are described as. Just wondering, what makes you different? (BTW, I DO understand that sword can cut both ways!)

Winfred Caddell - 6/1/2005

I intend to write a snail mail letter to her at her son's house and wish her a slow death. The address there is 113 OAK DR GREENVILLE MS 38701. His phone number is (662) 332-8395 . I looked up and found her phone number. (662) 332-0497. I hope she's in fear for the rest of her life.

Child in Christ - 4/17/2005

Nobody is born a racist. Racism is taught by ones environment, upbringing, and socio-cultural environment. I know that if Carolyn and even Roy and J.W. had been brought up in a loving black family, they wouldn't be the way they were in 1955. They would be different in their attitudes and thinking. I would approach Carolyn as Dr. Billy Graham would approach her - she needs the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, not stones of hatred hurled at her. I'm sure she regrets the kids telling their husbands what happened at the store that August day in 1955. They had originally intended to keep silent about the incident with their husbands.

Child in Christ - 4/17/2005

Being a person of colour myself, I think you ought to realise that racism is a UNIVERSAL problem and one which is taught and learnt by upbringing, and socio-cultural environment. Even Lynden Baines Johnson, the only President who could bring Civil Rights and change to Jim Crow South, because of his power, influence, and background, had to compromise his principles on civil rights as a congressman or he would have become unemployed from politics.

I am sure that Carolyn deeply regrets what happened in 1955 as much as Senator Byrd regrets his KKK past.

Child in Christ - 4/17/2005

Before the Lord saved Saul's soul, Saul was a prime enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ. On his way to Damascus, the Lord had changed Saul's life. Saul became a Christian and become Paul, the Apostle. Paul wrote the most important epistles for the Christian church (Romans to Hebrews).

As a Christian, I know my heart because the Lord tells me all about our heart in the bible. I know from the bible, all of us are sinners, and outside the grace of God, we are no better or different than Joe Stalin or Adolf Hitler or Saul, who helped in having Christians killed.

Carolyn Bryant is not white trash or evil scum. She is, like everyone else, the result of her upbringing, environment, and socio-cultural background at a time period in American history when it was not considered racist to have anti-miscegenation, segregation, and apartheid type laws.

ALL OF US ARE PRODUCTS OF OUR UPBRINGING, SOCIO-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT, PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, TIME PERIOD... None of us, except for the Lord Jesus Christ, is beyond the elements of space and time. Only by the grace of God, is any of us compassionate or blessed in any way. None of us have chosen what our skin colour is, what gender we are, where we were born, what family we would be born into, what time period we were born into...

Let us pray for Carolyn that God would save her soul and bring peace into her life.

Jisoo Kim - 4/6/2005

What angers me is that the people responsible for the evil done to Emmett are either dead or saddly undereducated to read all that is being written towards them.

They cut short the life of a bright young man knowing that they'll be fully protected under the southern white law, but obviously short sited by ignorance to realize that the Golden Rule apply to all regardless of color. It appears both brothers died from cancer, and lets hope that wifey suffers from horrible fits of nightmares every breathing moment. Prosperity and joy are hard to come by when you are the source of many heartache.

Stephanie L Wright - 2/25/2005

she should rot in hell for all the things shedid

kam nielsen - 11/6/2004

White Trash is a good word for her but White scum or evil scum. I hope every night when you sleep you are haunted by what you did and when god comes to judge you boy are you going to hell.

mary chang - 10/28/2004

I suppose she is just typical white trash -- husband & brother couldn't even afford their own lawyer.

Judith Charles - 10/25/2004

This letter goesstrictly out to Carolyn( the ugly Marilyn Monroe) and a few others.

Carolyn, you are a Airdead. A dumba** high school dropout.I hope Roy and J.W. died slowly from their cancer. I am shocked that people would compare something so evil,like you, to something so pure, Marilyn Monroe. Do you enjoy being old, wrinkled up, and weak? I found it funny that your stores went out of bussiness and you guys were ostracized. Oh,I forgot! You probably don't even know what ostracize means. Both Roy & J.W. suffered before they died. I hope you're also suffering. I bet you wish this would go away,huh? Kill yourself and it will. You're paying now for what you did and you will still apy when you did. If you know what I mean. And Frank...I hope you're not a Loser like your father; but you probably are. You were probably raised with hatred. Your Father will burn in Hell next to Jeffrey Dahmer. they are similiar in so many ways. And Henry Lee Loggins, just admit it. We all know you betrayed America. Free your Spirit and recieve your consequences. Then will the Lord completely forgive you. Keith Beauchamp, thank you.

Arnold Shcherban - 10/21/2004