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Aug 14, 2004

Throwing a "crappy little country" against a wall

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David T. Beito - 8/14/2004

That's Ledeen has admitted

David T. Beito - 8/14/2004

According to Simon Mars (link shown at the site I linked to), has admitted that he said it (the original source is Jonah Goldberg):


There is some difference of opinion here and I will change the blog to reflect this. I will also try to get more information.

Steven Horwitz - 8/13/2004

Dave - if you follow your link to the original story here: http://www.alternet.org/story/15860 you'll notice that the quote attributed to Ledeen has been removed, presumably because it was inaccurate, if not invented. There's plenty to complain about with Neo-cons of course, but this is precisely why I am so hesitant to get involved with the hard left elements of the anti-war movement. They seem to be too often truth-challenged (Mini-Moores?) for my taste, which makes no sense given that the truth is awful enough.