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Apr 6, 2009 12:38 am

Wiki Links

Charles Hayford has some key thoughts on Wikipedia from a China/Asia perspective:Living With Wikipedia: It's Here to Stay (Oct 7), Improving Wikipedia: Techniques and Strategies (Oct 9), and a wrap-up, Living With Wikipedia (China Beat) and Social Bookmarking.

Some more noteworthy links:
@ Economist: The battle for Wikipedia's soul, May 8th, 2008.
@ All The Modern Things Wikipedia, the deeply conservative and traditional encyclopedia, Oct 10th, 2008.

and a favorite: The Wikipedia Knowledge Dump .

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Jonathan Dresner - 4/6/2009

Sorry, I should have caught that the first time....

Charles W. Hayford - 4/6/2009

They say that any publicity is good publicity if they spell your name right, so I hope that it doesn't work the other way around!

Don't worry, though, my name has been mis-spelled in worse ways than this.