Sep 8, 2008 3:33 pm


Sultan Knish Russian Government appointed Muslim and Russian Government appointed Orthodox clerics call for a united Jihad against the West. I guess the fate of the Molotov -Ribbentrop agreement has taught Putin nothing.

Islam group urges forest fire Jihad Will this news convince environmentalists that the Islamist threat is real?! Doubtful.

Muslim immigrants attack three Jewish teens in Paris Plus ca change

Denmark Islamist gang demonstrations in Aarhus as well as in Copenhagen. I was a Fulbright professor in Aarhus University. It just so happened that Simon, one of my students, came to study with me at Rutgers during the Fall semester of 2001. In other words, he was here on 9/11. Denmark will stand by the US, he assured anyone who would listen. Little did he know what a profound effect the new Islamist onslaught will have on his home town. The good news: Aarhus has a history professor sympathetic to the US.

Kashmiri Leader: 'Osama [Bin Laden] Has Come Only During the Last Few Years; People Like Me Have Been Fighting For This All Our Lives' India's appeasement policy has been a complete failure. No, it has nothing to do with land and everything with Islamism. Kashmir, like the PA, is merely a useful rallying point:

"Question: The schools being opened by the army are for Kashmiri children. Why object to this?

"Syed Ali Geelani: I know the schools are meant for Kashmiris. But they are also meant to make them sing Vande Mataram [Indian national song] and not offer namaz [Islamic prayer]. The aim of these schools is to turn Kashmiri children into pure Indians. This is cultural aggression on our Islamic values and is not acceptable to us. In fact, apart from fighting for the right to self-determination for 62 years, we have also been fighting against the cultural aggression by India.

"Question:So the transfer of land is not the real issue, as many have been saying.

"Syed Ali Geelani: Yes, they are right. Land is not an issue for us. It has just acted as a catalyst to shape peoples' sentiments into an upsurge. . . .

"Syed Ali Geelani: Ever since my release from prison on August 7, 2004, I have been spreading my message across Kashmir. I have a three-point programme. First to impose an Islamic nizam (Islamic system) [in] Kashmir. Islam should govern our lives, be it in our political thought, socio-economic plans, culture or [other…].

"The creed of socialism and secularism should not touch our lives, and we must be totally governed by the Koran and the Sunnat (precedents from Prophet Mohammad's life)."

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