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Jan 5, 2008 1:18 pm

When Libertarians Attack

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

I have no idea who produced this, but check out this computer simulation of Hans Hoppe, Tom Palmer, Stephan Kinsella, and Walter Block acting out Block’s “negative homesteading” theory of innocent shields by trying to kill each other in a bar fight. (Conical hat tip to Geoff Plauché.)

It says “third in a series” but I didn’t succeed in locating the first two.

Since I’m on friendly terms with all the participants represented, I of course can’t admit to finding it funny ....

I will point out, however, that the “Hermann” in Hoppe’s name should have two Ns.

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Anarcho Pacifist Films - 1/10/2008

Greg Newburn - 1/6/2008

oh, my bad. I guess I didn't pay enough attention. Of course, my observation still applies...

Roderick T. Long - 1/6/2008

Actually it's Kinsella, not Hoppe, that Palmer fails to subdue in the video.

Greg Newburn - 1/5/2008

That's a pretty clever video, but the plot is advanced by a wildly implausible premise: that Palmer couldn't take Hoppe in a fight. Even if Hoppe did get the better of him, Palmer's friends would jump in, and then it would be Cato v. Mises. I'm fairly certain Cato would destroy in that battle.

All of that said, "...for argumentation ethics ... for humanity" was pretty funny, and the irony of having Walter Block rely on logic is also a clever twist.

Roderick T. Long - 1/5/2008

One foot in the fever swamp, one foot in the Beltway! On slow nights I sacrifice chickens to a monstrous bloodsoaked idol that is half Abe Lincoln, half Jeff Davis.

Mark Brady - 1/5/2008

"Since I'm on friendly terms with all the participants represented, I of course can't admit to finding it funny ...."

One foot in the fever swamp, eh?