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Dec 14, 2007 9:44 pm

Global Warming the Math Does Not Add Up

Yes, there is a substantial amount of science that supports the human induced global warming theory but this does not mean that it is good science. Someone who has been demonstrating that quality is more important then quantity when it comes to global warming studies is Canadian mathematician Douglas Keenan, who has just published The Fraud Allegation Against Some Climatic Research of Wei- Chyung Wang. The NZZ am Sonntag reports that, ”Keenan's most recent targets are two pieces of work that examine the influence of urbanization on climate change between 1954 and 1983. In order to be able to compare measurements made over different periods, it is absolutely crucial that the location of the station where the measurements are carried out not change throughout the observation period. For example, because a city generates warmth, a measuring station that is moved from the center of the city to its periphery would record lower measurements. On the other hand, the measurements would be more likely to rise if a measuring station was moved from a position upwind from the city to a position downwind. Even small changes of location, like for example from a field to the asphalt road next to it, lead to deviations. Keenan was above all doubtful about the measurements made in China. He didn't believe that during Mao's Cultural Revolution, when scientists were thought very little of, a scientific study would have been carried out with much care.”

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