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Sep 24, 2007 10:25 am

Military History Notes

Based on Cliopatria's History Blogroll's list of military history blogs,"Wars and Warriors," Brett Holman has an up-dated"State of the Military History Blogosphere, September 2007," Revise & Dissent, 22 September. Major themes: growth and diversification. The five most popular military history blogs: Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, Civil War Memory, Airminded, Investigations of a Dog, and Military History Podcast.

Felicia R. Lee,"A Wartime Photographer in Her Own Light," NYT, 22 September, reviews the Gerda Taro Exhibition that opens on Wednesday 26 September in Manhattan's International Center of Photography. Almost exclusively, Taro's work depicts the Spanish Civil War, in which at 26 she was struck by a tank and killed in July 1937.

Elizabeth Jensen,"Another War, Another Epic from Ken Burns," NYT, 16 September, Beverly Gage,"Old Soldiers Never Lie," Slate, 20 September, and Rick Atkinson,"‘The War': Young Soldiers Die, They Don't Just Fade Away," Washington Post, 23 September, review Ken Burns's The War, a"seven-part, 15-hour extravaganza about World War II." It premiers tonight on PBS and runs through the remainder of the week.

Max Frankel,"Rehearsal for Defeat," NYT, 23 September, and Stanley Weintraub,"A Most Dangerous Precedent," Washington Post, 23 September, review David Halberstam's The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War.

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