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Aug 9, 2007 11:18 pm

An Ignatieff Roundup

Michael Ignatieff,"Getting Iraq Wrong," NYT, 5 August, drew more commentary on the blogs than the usual NYT's piece. Much of it was highly critical, even scornful. Here are some of the more thoughtful responses:

Tim Burke,"Ignatieff," Easily Distracted, 8 August.
Phil Carter,"Ignatieff on Iraq, Intel-Dump, 4 August.
Daniel Drezner,"Michael Igatieff's Incredibly Long Learning Curve," Daniel Drezner, 7 August.
Henry Farrell,"Trahisons des clercs," Crooked Timber, 6 August.
Norm Geras,"True Ideas, Interesting Ideas and Iraq," Normblog, 5 August.
Mark Grimsley,"Holy Cow, I Was Wrong," Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, 6 August.
Daniel Larison,"Getting Specific," Eunomia, 8 August.
Joseph A. Polermo,"Michael Ignatieff ‘Getting Iraq Wrong'," Huffington Post, 6 August.
James Poulos,"Michael Ignauseaff," The American Scene, 9 August.
David Rees,"Cormac Ignatieff's ‘The Road'," Huffington Post, 7 August.
Matt Yglesias,"Blaming the Ivory Tower," Matt Yglesias, 6 August.

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Ralph E. Luker - 8/8/2007

Thanks, Alan. Your query confirms my sense that there's a technical problem. I'm having it checked.

Alan Allport - 8/8/2007

Ralph, for the past couple of days the main columm on Clio has been slightly but distractingly truncated when displayed on my browser (IE 7.0). Has some rogue bit of html formatting messed things up?