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Jun 9, 2007 12:36 pm

A "Libertarian" Candidate for Congress

Meet Kevin Craig, a candidate of the Libertarian Party for Congress in Missouri who thinks it's perfectly fine for individual states to declare homosexuality a crime. That's, as Jason notes, a big step backward from the LP being the first party with an anti-sodomy law plank in its platform.

Also note the link on the left to the"Institute for Historical Review," a well-known Holocaust Revisionist site.

I personally want to express my deep gratitude to Mr. Craig for his humane agreement with Jefferson that capital punishment for homosexuality was too strong. I know many, many gay and lesbian friends of mine are eternally grateful for his compassion and humanity in taking that bold and brave position. I suppose my gay male friends should be happy that he seems to think castration would be okay because Jefferson appeared to support it. After all, it's better than the death penalty.

If you'd like to see more on Mr. Craig's views on homosexuality, go here.

Here he is on
porn. Yes, he says"no censorship," but when your policy links are all to the Family Research Council, it's hard to take that seriously. Read the entry on AIDS at your own risk.

For someone like me, who thinks libertarians ought to be part of a broader, more cosmopolitan, progressive political movement, having LP candidates like Mr. Craig is enough to make me stop calling myself a libertarian.

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Mark Brady - 6/10/2007

This is all the more reason for those who love liberty to designate themselves lower-case "l" libertarians and to explain what they stand for at every opportunity.

Bill Woolsey - 6/9/2007

I take it back!

He was the LP nominee in 2006.

What I was reading from his material is consistent with principled libertarianism. I read the section on pornography and it is all about stopping pornography using the free market and without government.

Simiarly, he was pretty clear about opposition to any punishment for homosexual activity.

I suppose his approach would be politically expedient if the disctrict is fundamentalist Christian (and one's opponent is a Christian rightist who does favor using the law to stamp out moral corruption.)

I think his religious views would come across as being extreme for most people here in Charleston, SC.

For example, even here, where most people go to churches that count homosexual activity as sinful, saying impolite things about homosexual people is frowned upon.

Bill Woolsey - 6/9/2007

He isn't listed as a candidate on the Missouri Libertarian Website.

It is very early for someone to receive the nomination for any Party. I think it is likely he is seeking the nomination.

Bill Woolsey - 6/9/2007

In most states, people seek the LP nomination for public office, and there is not really some kind of central committee for imposing ideological conformity that pre-approves people.

In some states, (and Missouri used to be one,) there is an LP primary. Unless someone runs against this guy and beats him in the primary, he will end up on the LP line in the general election.

In other states, the party selects nominees by convention.

In my state, the nomination is by convention with "none of the above" always an option.