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Jun 2, 2007 5:37 am

Cliopatria Welcomes Daniel Larison

Cliopatria welcomes Daniel Larison to its circle. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mr. Larison did his undergraduate work at Hampden-Sydney College, where he graduated with interdisciplinary honors in history and religion. He is now a doctoral candidate in Byzantine History at the University of Chicago, writing a dissertation on the Sixth Ecumenical Council. He is a Contributing Editor and columnist at The American Conservative, a reader for his Russian Orthodox parish, and a student of Armenian language and culture. His occasional translations of Armenian poetry appear at his blog, Eunomia.

Mr. Larison's articles have appeared in The American Conservative, Chronicles, the Dallas Morning News, Intercollegiate Review, the New Pantagruel, and elsewhere. In the continuing discussion of American conservatism at Eunomia, he regularly crosses swords with the New York Times' David Brooks, National Review's Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Pannuru, and Atlantic Monthly's Ross Douthat and Andrew Sullivan. It's a pleasure to welcome him to Cliopatria.

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Daniel B. Larison - 6/17/2007

Thanks to both of you for your kind welcome, and thanks to Dr. Luker for having me along. My apologies in taking such a long while to respond and finally put up a proper post.

Rob MacDougall - 6/4/2007

Welcome aboard, Daniel!

Manan Ahmed - 6/2/2007

Good to have you onboard.