May 22, 2007 5:08 pm


Ahmadinejad and company do not only export terror, they also uses it to terrorize their own people. Indeed, they are equal opportunity terrorizers. They terrorize their own children, women and men. Of course, they have a carte blanch to do it because MSM refuses to cover the atrocities. This is nothing new. After all, MSM covered up the atrocities of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China during the Cultural Revolution, the Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge and the Palestinian Authority. The Pulitzer Prize committee still refuses to rescind the Pulitzer it gave New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty, for carrying out one of the cover ups. Media vigilence stops at Western democracies edge with the price, of course, being paid by the"people of color." At this moment it the Iranians who are left to the tender mercies of their"elected" madmen. Here are some of the latest examples:

There are few more peaceful religions than the Bahai who are celebrating the anniversary of their faith in Israel. Why Israel? Because that is where the Bahai buried the remains of their prophet who was executed in Tabriz. There are a mere 300,000 Bahai in Iran but they are mercilessly persecuted and so are their children. A video posted on Youtube entitled A hope and a prayer reveals (they disabled the embed, but do watch it) that a study done earlier this year documented 150 instances of harassment, insults and physical violence inflicted on their children within a period of a single month

My God, They are beating their women to a bloody pulp.

It's all about clothing and there are many more such bloody pictures of men as well as women. Note that the picture bellow is part of a series published by the official Iranian news agency. It is part of a series of such photos clearly designed to terrorize the population into submission.

Iran also tries to terrorize emigres who got used to visiting Iran regularly. They chose Haleh Esfandiari, a high profile scholar, to issue this warning. They charged her with trying to ferment a"soft revolution." They know MSM will help them along by publicizing Haleh's case but keeping the rest of their atrocities under wraps. Objectively, if not intentionally, MSM continues to be the best friend"evil doers" have. They ignore the evil they direct towards their own people while publicizing the evil they direct towards their enemies.

Will they ever learn?

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