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Feb 25, 2004 4:25 pm

Angel Redux

I still think Gene is missing the point (as is Appelbaum). Wolf's decision to tell her story now isn't about her own victimhood; she's trying to prevent other people from being victims, and she can't consistently advise others to come forward if she's unwilling to come forward herself. She's not saying that a hand on the thigh has wrecked her whole life; the message she's sending is precisely not to"spend the next 20 years feeling victimized by an incident." (Should harassers not be held accountable? How are they going to be held accountable unless victims are encouraged to speak up?) Calling Wolf a"self-dramatizing twit" for doing the right thing seems uncalled-for, and is precisely the sort of weird offensiveness that too many of us seem to pride ourselves on.

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