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Mar 15, 2007 12:26 am

More Noted Still

Sharon Howard hosts History Carnival L at Early Modern Notes on Thursday 15 March. Send nominations of the best in history blogging since 1 March to her at sharon*at* earlymodernweb*dot*org*dot*uk or use the form.

Tim Burke and Rachel discuss the"perils of keyword search."

300? The Hoover Institution's Victor Davis Hanson says"thumbs up"; the University of Toronto's Ephraim Lytle says"thumbs down"; and Columbia University's Kevin Murphy says"thumbs down". I'm guessing Hanson's wrong. Hat tip.

Faith Jones of the Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public Library has won ABC-CLIO's online history award for her Yizkor Books Project. A Yizkor book is a memorial book which lists Jews who died for their religion. The earliest of them dates to 1296 CE. Honorable mentions for the award: the Bethlehem Digital History Project with its sources on the Pennsylvania city between 1741 and 1844; the Giza Archives Project which features explorations in Egypt between 1902 and 1947; and Densho's records of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Hat tip.

Scott McLemee,"Remember Baudrillard," Inside Higher Ed, 14 March, reviews the work of the French social theorist.

Finally, Anne Applebaum,"What do Roots, Holocaust, and The Lives of Others have in Common?" Slate, 13 March, ponders the"mysterious ... workings of popular historical memory." Hat tip.

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