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Jan 20, 2004 8:44 am


For political junkies, like myself, this is the kind of competitive season on which I feast. No, I'm not talking about the return of"American Idol" (which is always a hoot to watch). I'm talking about the Presidential primary season.

Arthur Silber has some very nice musings on the subject of the Iowa caucus and the Presidential race, especially the need for a positive tone. I must admit that I took a perverse pleasure in seeing the pundits fall flat on their faces with regard to the Howard Dean"juggernaut." With Kerry coming in first, Edwards in second, and Dean in third (Gephardt is now down and out), it brought to mind the insight of philosopher Yogi Berra who said"It ain't over til it's over." The pundits were telling us it was over before it even began. This might actually be fun to watch.

The world is surely not a fun place, however. Abroad, the situation in Iraq is volatile; even the Taliban is staging a return engagement in Afghanistan. At home, the increase in government intervention has had a deleterious impact on everything from the deficit to civil liberties. Bush, who gives his State of the Union address this evening, still looks like a winner to me. But the season is young. Stay tuned.

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