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Jan 16, 2004 1:20 pm

One Term President

It looks like Bush is losing the base.

Serves him right.

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Kevin Carson - 1/20/2004

"...there's a real chance the Republicans' voter base will not be enthusiastic about turning out in November, no matter who the Democrats nominate."

Nader made the same point a couple of weeks ago. If the Democrats were smart enough to hammer Bush on stuff that bothers Ron Paul/Bob Barr Republicans, enough of them might stay home to cost him the election.

My plan this November is to vote for the Libertarian party candidate. If Bush loses by less than the LP vote, it might well lead to the people from PNAC and the Weekly Standard selling pencils on street corners in January 2005. Neocons will be the red-haired bastards at the Republican family reunion for the next generation or so.

Tom Dougherty - 1/17/2004

If the Democrats are smart they will nominate a moderate Democrat (Lieberman maybe?) whom disaffected Republicans could vote for instead of just sitting home on election day. I don't think Dean is a viable alternative for most Conservatives. I would suspect that many disaffected Republicans might even actually vote for Bush, however repulsive the thought of that is, if Dean is the nominee. Dean has talked about re-regulating the economy. Liberal Bush seems better than Socialist Dean.