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Jan 8, 2004 5:27 pm


The Stupid Party and the Evil Party (which one's which again?) want the fuzz to pull you over if you're not buckled up. Hillary! Clinton and John Warner are cosponsoring a bill that will push the states to adopt"primary enforcement" seat belt laws. As Eric Peters explains on the American Spectator site today:"Primary enforcement means the police can screech out of alleyways, turn on their sirens and pull you over, hands on their guns, spotlight in your face -- simply for failing to wear your seat belt."

What's also disgusting is the Hillary-in-S & M-gear graphic that graces the Spectator front page today. Mmmm: thanks for that image, guys.

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Franklin Harris - 1/8/2004

Odd. According to the NTSB web site, the feds don't even know that Alabama now has primary enforcement.

Franklin Harris - 1/8/2004

I thought the feds had already pushed the states to adopt primary enforcement seat belt laws. Certainly the threatened loss of federal highway largess was the excuse used when such laws were passed here in Alabama two years ago.