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Jan 5, 2004 10:36 pm

Hello all!

My apologies if my html is bad in this first post.

I just wanted to post a quick hello and to thank you all for inviting me on board. I've been a reasonably regular reader for the last few months and have enjoyed your contributions. It's particularly nice to be here with several folks I know (Dave, Don, Chris, Sheldon) and others (such as Rod, Gene, and King) who I've met briefly over the years. King may not remember when we met - I interviewed for a job at SCSU back in 89 and didn't get an offer. (I won't hold that against him though.)

The links Chris provided give you a good sense of my professional and not-so-professional life. In addition to what's there, I have a current interest in issues of gender and family, having taught both economics and first-year seminar courses on the topics for several years. I think family issues are particularly challenging ones for classical liberals and libertarians, and find exploring them to be endlessly fascinating. I also love TV and rock music, and am always on the lookout for ways to link those topics to my more academic and political interests. Finally, as a result of spending the last 15 years at a liberal arts college, I'm very interested in issues of pedagogy, from the nitty-gritty of how you teach first-year students to write a substantial research paper, to the role of technology in higher education, to issues of political correctness and ideology in the classroom.

One last word: now that I've gone over to the dark side as a half to full-time administrator, I'm particularly grateful to be part of this group, as I need all the opportunities to engage in this sort of give-and-take that I can find.

Thanks again for having me. Substance will follow.

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king - 1/7/2004

Steven, I do remember you (and your visit). Regrettably, I have a poor track record in voting for additions to our department. 'Tis St. Lawrence's gain! As a department chairman, let me as well welcome you to the Dark Side.