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Jun 5, 2006 10:19 am

John Stossel: A Libertarian Against the Iraq War

Because so many free market pundits have gone over to the pro-war side, I am pleasantly surprised to see the following comments by John Stossel:

I'm a Libertarian," according to Stossel, the TV network consumer reporter turned staunch free-market defender."I hold beliefs Conservatives abhor."

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by the conservative Fraser Institute think tank yesterday, Stossel made it clear his politics don't quite fall within the traditional left or right wing spectrum.

He takes no issue with gay marriage, for example, while he says sending troops to Iraq"wasn't a good idea."

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Aeon J. Skoble - 6/7/2006

It's not religion. Many people thought at the time that either (a)it would be a good idea to overthrow the Baathist dictatorship, (b) Saddam was pursuing a nuclear and/or chemical weapons program in violation of the terms of the cease-fire of Gulf War I, or (c) both. Having thought any of these things back then doesn't rule out the possibility of thinking now that things are not going well, are being very badly handled, etc., and that it's well past time to get out. I know that the war has been polarizing, but not every position can be reduced to fer/agin compartments. Perhaps now would be a good time to plug the special War symposium in Reason Papers #28, due back from the printers any day now.

David T. Beito - 6/7/2006

I don't know. Of course, there are some folks who did nothing to object to the war back in 2003 and now have found antiwar religion.

Mark Brady - 6/6/2006

I'm glad to hear that John Stossel thinks sending troops to Iraq "wasn't a good idea." That said, what was his position in 2003? And even if he said the same thing then, is he a principled opponent of U.S. intervention abroad?