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During a May 10th interview on Austalia TV show Dateline, George Galloway expressed support for the Muslim Brotherhood (hat tip: Ganesh):

STUDENT: We are students from Al-Azhar and Cairo Universities, what do you say to Muslim Brotherhood students, and other students.

GEORGE GALLOWAY, (Translation): Struggle until victory

In a recent interview with GQ magazine he argued that the assassination of Tony Blair would be morally justified. Some Britons call for his expulsion from Parliament and for a police investigation. Some leftists such as Jasper Gerard worry that Galloway’s deadly logic kills us all:

Galloway’s logic takes us to dangerous places. Would it also be justifiable to kill the majority of MPs who voted for war? And from there it is not too big a leap to adopt the position of the July 7 bombers: that all Britons are somehow fair game for daring to re-elect Blair afterwards — except, of course, of the voters of Bethnal Green, who elected Galloway.

Indeed, according to Galloway's logic democracies have no innocents. Only tyrannies do. Galloway who likes tyrants, lionizes Castro.

The British satirical Spoof responded thus:

Assassinating George Galloway"morally justified" - Tony Blair

London -- (Associated Mess): Downing Street hit back at maverick Euro-Septic Respect Party MP George Galloway today by stating unequivocally that it would be"morally justified" for one of Cherie's personal hit-men to"take out" the outspoken Scotsman after he appeared in a very dodgy red leotard at a televised screening of Prime Minister's Question Time at the House of Commons the other day.

The row was initially started by a newspaper interview where Galloway expressed sympathy for young reality show wannabees driven to suicide by a congenital sense of sartorial hopelessness.

It then escalated when the Scots MP caused outrage by telling voters that a campaign of character assassination aimed at Prime Minister would be"morally equivalent to staging a Gay Pride march in Riyadh High Street, in Saudi Arabia".

But smiles aside, Galloway is representative of those amongst the extreme left whose arguments and sentiment are no longer distinguishable from the Islamist right. Note that while Galloway cheers on the Muslim Brotherhood, Chomsky cheers on Hezbullah and British academics are arguing for the boycott of Israeli academics because as citizens of democratic Israel, they are responsible for their government's policy.

Unfortunately, the upside down logic or the moral sophistry of Galloway and company will, indeed, kill many of us and postpone the liberation of millions currently residing in totalitarian prisons. Do remember that these are the people who adored the USSR and have never forgiven the West for winning the Cold War. If Islamists believe that they are God's instrument, leftists believe Islamists are their's. Either way, they are on the same side.

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