Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Can UN and Red Cross hypocrisy be trumped? The same international"humanitarian" organizations which routinely condemn measures designed to protect Israeli citizens from terrorists (security fence, check points, closures) as" collective punishment" are the worst offenders of them all.

Kill a French UN refugee agency worker and the agency responds by"pulling foreign staff out of large swaths of southern and eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday in the wake of the killing of a French worker, a decision that could affect tens of thousands of Afghan returnees."

Kill a few Red Cross workers and they not only run from Iraq and Afghanistan but they seek to get into the good graces of the leftist-Islamist coalition (The"Antiimperialista" organization's Internet campaign asks people to send"10 Euros to the Iraqi resistance") by withdrawing from the West Bank. Why? Not in order to force Yassir Arafat to use the billions he embezzled from international community donations to the Palestinian people. Oh, no. In order to force Israel (as the"occupying" power) to pay for the feeding of the Palestinian who suffer from the war declared by Arafat on Israel. Do note that prior to the second Intifada, the West Bank and Gaza enjoyed a record economic boom.

As you can see from the article When the Red Cross is the target.

"But steering a course between capitulation to attack on one hand and manipulation by occupiers on the other is difficult", writes Francisco Ray Marcos after describing the efforts of"the humanitarian community" to keep its neutral position by chastising not terrorists who use ambulances as missiles but those who fight terrorists.

He is wrong - So called humanitarian organization have long succumbed to manipulation by tyrants and terrorists.

After all, who was the single individual who was permitted to address the UN with a GUN in his hand but archterrorist Yassir Arafat?

This holiday season make sure YOUR money does not go to terrorists!

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