Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


I do not like to repeat myself. But the evidence mounts. Sunni Saudi Arabia and Jordan do not want to see a secular Shia lead Iraq. Why? because the sole justification of blocking democratic reforms in their monarchies amounts to"apre moi - le deluge." So our sons and daughters are dying in Iraq and today Leslie Gelb even recommends dividing Iraq. This is from The Man Who Would Succeed Saddam published in the Washington Post.

The debate over Chalabi has divided the administration dramatically. Some people maintain that the solution for Iraq is"as simple as ABC -- Anyone But Chalabi."

"I have never seen such personalization of policy," says Richard Holbrooke, former U.N. ambassador and former assistant secretary of state."It has created the impression of a dysfunctional family," one senior administration official admitted.

And the politics become more Byzantine every day. So intense is the division that a very senior administration official suggested that some of his colleagues had allowed their feelings to hurt the war effort:"Some people seem to be more eager to block support for Chalabi than to mobilize every possible source of opposition to Saddam," he said."That is one of the reasons there were not more Iraqis mobilized in the free Iraqi forces when the war began."

Really shameful.

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