Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


The identification of a problem must predate its solution. Tikkun finally admits that leftist anti-Semitism is the problem. Its worth reading.

It identifies 10 anti-semitic manouvers: Anti-Semites who wish to become proficient in the art of the longest hatred can do so by following some or all of the following ten maneuvers:

1. In times of trouble, blame the Jews (or Israel).

2. Say that Jews are no longer victims of anti-Semitism because they are economically privileged (i.e. all Jews are rich and rich Jews are worse than rich gentiles).

3. Pander to racist stereotypes such as: Jews are arrogant, money-grubbing, power-hungry, self-interested, narrow-minded, clannish, cheap, showy, schemers and plotters who seek world dominion, and religious vampires who drink the blood of non-Jewish children, etc.

4. Remain silent about anti-Semitism even if you recognize it, or better still, react contemptuously when Jews bring it up.

5. Use ideology to mask Jew-blaming, i.e. point to Jews as the"leaders" (and true culprits) of whatever bad thing you hate that you think threatens you, e.g. capitalism, communism, imperialism, terrorism, Bushism, AIDS, you name it (Jews are currently being blamed for all of these).

6. Always judge Jews by a double standard, i.e. if Jews are not better than good, they are worse than bad, e.g. if Israel is racist, it doesn't deserve to exist.

7. A particular variant of the last step, but worthy of its own enumeration: Jews in power are more blameworthy and vile than gentiles in power.

8. Excuse acts of violence against Jews on the basis of one ideology or another, i.e. they have it coming to them.

9. Hold Jews everywhere responsible for the policies of the Israeli government, i.e. if you're Jewish, you're personally responsible for Ariel Sharon.

10. And last but by no means least: blame Jews for anti-Semitism e.g. even the Holocaust is our fault. Or, better still, deny that anti-Semitism exists or ever did, e.g. there was no Holocaust, the Jews made it up so that they could come to Palestine and oppress Arabs while plotting to take over the world.

It includes the following suggestions to fight the old-ne disease:

1) face the fact that Israel is under threat;

2) move beyond ideological reflexes and think beyond the boxes of Left/Right, pro-Israel/pro-Palestinian, etc.;

3) as Jews, learn to be more tolerant,"less rigid and rageful towards one another";

4) be fair to Israel;

5) form Jewish-Christian alliances;

6) form alliances with Palestinians;

7) restore campus civility;

8) fight"the Big Lies" (the Jews killed Jesus, Jews control Wall St., Jews own the media);

9) honor the dreams of peace.

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