Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


It has been only a few months since Burns and Jordan admitted that reporters paid dictators for access with good press. Neil MacFarquhar's reporting from Syria and Egypt and Elaine Sciolino reporting from Iran demonstrate that not only do they continue to do so shamelessly but they share the dictators' anti American agenda. Click here: Syrians Gamely Tackle the Latest Western Import: Golf Poor rich Syrians. Given the unreasonable pressure from the US to stop aiding and abetting Jihadists, isn't it wonderful they can enjoy a few hours of golf? Syria, like Saddam's Iraq (by the way according to Pollack, Bashar and Qusai were great friends!), reminds me of the Collingswood boys starving in plain site. But do not count on the NYT to expose the painful truth or write a word about the Syrian OCCUPATION of Lebanon!

Click here: Arab World Is of Two Minds About U.S. Involvement in Iraq In Cairo, MacFarquhar reports about Egyptian papers attitude towards the American presence in Iraq without mentioning that the editors are appointed by the government and are heavily censored. Senior officials do not have to say much, they leave the job to their puppet press. Egypt has been ruled for decades by a man who unlike his predecessors is afraid to nominate a vice president. Here is a topic for a visiting reporter.

Click here: A Change of Heart in Tehran? Is It Time to Talk? Elaine Sciolino pay for access by blaming the US for everything that is wrong in Iran and contrasting European sensitivity with American bluntness without noting that it was fear of American action and a which to remain players which led Europeans to Teheran. Most glaringly, Sciolino recommended saving the hide of Iranian clerics without mentioning their support for terrorists who no longer kill only Jews but also Americans!

To read that"A commission in Iran's reformist-held parliament accused the hardline-run judiciary Tuesday of grave irregularities in the arrest and killing in custody of Canadian-Iranian photographer Zahra Kazemi, you need to Click here: IranMania News

If Americans do not know much about foreign lands, it is because foreign correspondents do such a dishonest job when pretending to inform them!

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