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Nov 15, 2011

More Noted Things

In Dylan Riley, "Tony Judt: A Cooler Look," New Left Review, Sept/Oct, the UC, Berkeley, sociologist argues that Judt was a talented pamphleteer and polemicist, but a historian of limited ability.

Emma Mustich interviews "Mary Laven on Renaissance Worlds," The Browser, 14 November, for her recommendation of five essential books on the subject.

Nicholas Lezard reviews John Fletcher's new translation of Voltaire's A Pocket Philosophical Dictionary, for the Guardian, 15 November.

Jason Boog, "People's Libraries," LA Review of Books, 12 November, looks at "people's libraries" during the great depression.

Alec Ash interviews "Norman Naimark on Genocide," The Browser, 15 November, for his recommendation of five essential books on the subject.

If you read Henry Kissinger's review of John Lewis Gaddis's George F. Kennan: An American Life, "The Age of Kennan," NYT, 10 November, you'll also want to read: Jim Sleeper, "Kissinger's Diplomatic Review," Dissent, 14 November.

David Kelly, "Starting Out in the '70s," NYT, 3 November, and Choire Sicha, "I Love This Dirty Town," bookforum, Sept/Nov, review James Wolcott's Lucking Out: My Life Getting Down and Semi-Dirty in Seventies New York.

Richard Wolin, "The Way We Protest Now," logos, X/4, is his contribution to the journal's symposium, "Reflections on the Occupy Wall Street Movement".

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