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Sep 30, 2011


Michael Dirda for the Washington Post, 21 September, Eric Ormsby, "How the Secular World Began," WSJ, 26 September, Dwight Garner, "An Unearthed Treasure That Changed Things," NYT, 27 September, Sarah Bakewell, "Saving Lucretius," NYT, 28 September, and Adam Kirsch, "The Poem That Changed the World," Slate, 29 September, review Stephen Greenblatt's The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. Robert Krulwich's "Lucretius, Man of Mystery," Krulwich Wonders, 19 September, interviews Greenblatt about his new book.

Adam Kirsch, "Pilgrim's Progress," Tablet, 27 September, considers defining Jewishness in a post-religious era by the telling of its stories.

Peter E. Gordon, "The Guilty," The Book, 29 September, reviews Deborah Lipstadt's The Eichmann Trial

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