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Sep 14, 2011

Things Ancient & Modern

Adam Kirsch, "The Other Socrates," Barnes and Noble Review, 7 September, marks the centenary of The Loeb Classical Library, "one of the most remarkable publishing projects in modern history."

Daisy Banks interviews "Tom Holland on Ancient Rome," The Browser, 13 September, and Banks interviews "Peter Ackroyd on London," The Browser, 12 September, for their recommendations of five books on the subjects.

Frank Viviano, "The Eunoch Admiral," California, Fall, tells a story of the historian, Frederic Wakeman, a dragon cup, and Zheng He, a 15th-century Chinese admiral.

Robin Einhorn, "Trains in Vain," Nation, 30 August, reviews Richard White's Railroaded: The Transcontinentals and the Making of Modern America.

  • Ariel Levy, "Novelty Acts," New Yorker, 19 September, reviews Christopher Turner's Adventures in the Orgasmatron: How the Sexual Revolution Came to America and Deborah Lutz's Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism.
  • Carol Vogel, "Still Unearthing Discoveries in de Kooning's Brush Strokes," NYT, 13 September, previews "de Kooning: A Retrospective," an exhibit at Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art.
  • John Pomphret reviews Ezra F. Vogel's Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China for the Washington Post, 9 September.
  • William Deresiewicz, "An Infinite Walk," Slate, 12 September, reviews Richard M. Cook, ed., Alfred Kazin's Journals.
  • Jason Epstein, "City Girl," Tablet, 12 September, is her publisher's recollection of Jane Jacobs on the 50th anniversary of the publication of her Life and Death of American Cities.

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