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May 22, 2010 2:27 pm

Hillary Clinton: The Mouth That Roars

As if America’s military wasn’t battered enough, it seems US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is angling to involve it in yet another conflict, this one on the Korean Peninsula. Considering that the American military has already lost a war on that very same piece of ground (and the fact that her chosen adversary, North Korea, most likely is nuclear armed) you’d imagine she’d be a bit more reluctant to throw our hat (and soldiers) into the ring. That, though, would require a sense of restraint and diplomacy, something Mrs. Clinton has never been known for.

So when North Korea recently torpedoed and sank a naval vessel of the South Korean navy her mouth leapt into the fray demanding an “international response” to such shameless provocation. And here we have America’s political elite, circa 2010; utterly incapable of understanding the hypocrisy of beating their breast over the very same behavior that, in the wake of their unprovoked attack upon two small, defenseless nations, has become as American as apple pie.

She has more important things to think about anyhow. Come this weekend Mrs. Clinton, along with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, is tasked with going to China to beg for more loans to keep those other two wars going.

When you travel the world, hat in hand, it is best to project an image of calm, rational restraint. After all, who wants to lend money to a raving, warmonger lunatic? China for one (so far) but the day they wish to see the US fleet drift with the tide due to lack of fuel, and two American armies abandoned to their fate due to lack of transport to bring them home, they simply will stop lending us money.

Hopefully, Hillary is playing the part of an empire’s chief ambassador and has no intention of upping the ante; that she is merely pretending for the mob back home things are Under Control. America has neither the resources, will, nor reason to get involved in yet another Asian land war – we’re already losing two and there’s no need (or money) to make it three.

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