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Jun 29, 2005 7:12 pm

Things Noted Here and There ...

History Carnival #11 will go up at Siris on Friday 1 July. Send your nominations of posts that have appeared in the last two weeks to Brandon Watson, branem2*at*branemrys*dot*org, by Thursday evening at 11:00 p.m. Jonathan Dresner will host Carnivalesque, the early modern festival, here at Cliopatria on Tuesday 5 July. Send your nominations of posts appearing in the last two months about the period roughly from 1450 to 1850 C. E. to Jonathan, dresner*at*Hawaii*dot*edu, by next Monday.

Like Chris Bray of Cliopatria and Historiblogography, Phil Carter of Intel Dump has been called back into active duty for deployment to Iraq. Chris refers to this post at Belgravia Dispatch as"must reading." You can follow his posts at Historiblogography and we're hoping that he'll be posting here, as well.

In the mail this past week, the American Legion told me that I'd be declared an American veteran retroactively, if only I sent them a financial contribution. It amused me. Max Boot has been promoting the idea of linking two contemporary American problems – illegal immigration and recruitment to fill the ranks of American military forces – by creating an"American Foreign Legion," in the service of which a foreign national would automatically be granted American citizenship. At Horizon, Ben Brumfield transcribes the notes of a Hessian mercenary on the causes of the American Revolution. It almost gives you the impression that causes are irrelevant.

Niall Ferguson is just back from St. Petersburg with a report:"They've Got Used to Freedom; So Why Do Russians Still Hunger for the USSR?" Telegraph, 19 June.

For the latest on Dershowitz v Finklestein, see: Scott Jaschik,"First Amendment Furor," Inside Higher Ed, 27 June; and Jon Wiener,"Giving Chutzpah New Meaning," The Nation, 23 June. I report; you decide.

Scott McLemee's Intellectual Affairs columns for Inside Higher Ed are archived here. Thanks to Adam Kotsko for the tip.

Rob MacDougall says that"linking to a site as popular as the Onion is a little like pointing out the sun. But this week's issue is really good." It also does no harm to point out the sun. Just don't stare into his blinding light.

Congratulations: To Michael Berube who has won his own page in David Horowitz's Discover the [ed: I hope that Davie put that"s" on it to admit that Barak Obama and Ossama bin Laden aren't exactly networked.] I am very jealous. I want in! To Miriam Jones of Scribblingwoman and The Valve, who has won tenure at the University of New Brunswick, St. John; and to Evan at The Scope and UC, Irvine, who passed his oral exams on the 20th, got married on the 25th, and is honeymooning in Kauai, Hawai'i.

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Sharon Howard - 6/29/2005

Just spotted that there's a typo in Brandon's email here. It should be:

branem2[at]branemrys[dot]org [not 'branemyrs'...]

So if anyone has had any difficulties with sending nominations, I suggest you give it another try. (Which I just typed initially as 'tyr'... it must be catching. My usual favourite typo is 'teh' for 'the'.)

Grant W Jones - 6/27/2005

Whether to have comments at 50thstar is not my decision. I have discussed the issue with Stuart Hayashi, 50thstar blogfather, and he is opposed to comments for his own reasons.

By the way, I'm still checking my mailbox hint, hint, nudge, nudge. ;-)

Have a good summer.

Jonathan Dresner - 6/27/2005

...when are you going to enable comments over there? You're not an undergrad anymore, you know!

I still haven't figured out how they make decisions over at the school newspaper: coin flips, I suspect sometimes.

Grant W Jones - 6/27/2005

Aloha from the Big Island where everyday is a honeymoon.

The Chronicles of Higher Education will have a short piece in its print issue of July 1 about events at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, which uses "my" blog as its source. I don't subscribe so I don't have more info except for the blurb in the free area.

Grant Jones

Jonathan Dresner - 6/27/2005

Lots of good stuff here, not to mention the plug for the carnivals. Don't thank you enough for the work you do here.

Wiener's article on Dershowitz/Finklestein is pretty hard stuff. It would be indeed ironic if Dershowitz were to take the Irving route through British Libel laws (and even more so if he lost, like Irving)....

And anyone who wants to be considered for the Moonbats' Network Discovery Service can self-nominate. It's a simple little form; you can always include links to relevant material for their consideration.

I found the Onion via Orac: it's pretty good, for futurology. Even the pop references might stand up a year or two from now....