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Apr 16, 2005 1:38 am

History Carnival #6: Conference Program

The History Carnival is a floating twice-monthly roundup of the best discussions of history in the blogosphere (that we can find, either by nomination or incessant surfing). Like many blog roundups -- Tangled Bank, Skeptics Circle, Philosopher's Carnival -- it sometimes takes fanciful forms, as the rotating, volunteer hosts have a free hand in organizing and presenting the information. If you have written or know of a post you think could be included in the next History Carnival (1 May), the host will be Hugo Holbling at Studi Galileiani, email: hugo AT galilean-library DOT org.
Speeches (opening and closing) will be in the Droning Auditorium. Panels will be in the Alumni Donor Memorial Classroom. Poster Session will be in the big Theory Hall; Mini-Panels will meet on the left end of Theory Hall, unless the participants refuse to appear together. Papal Working Group will meet in secret. Titles are approximate (as are names, in some cases) and subject to change without notice; liberties have been taken, mostly for the sake of clarity. The vast majority of conferees who did not submit abstracts in advance are hereby ordered to attend anyway, by the power vested in me....

OPENING REMARKS: P.Z.Myers: Proper Reverence: On the depth of pre-(documentary)history

POSTER SESSIONS: Historical Images and interpretations
100WordMinimum: Historical Building Renovation
eb: Hosford's Acid Phosphate
Sharon Howard: 18c Election caricatures by Hogarth
misteraitch: Théâtre d’Amour: 17th century love emblems
D.B.Light: Dead Celebrities for Sale: Licensing Historical Figures
Chris Bertram: Victorian Baby Farming
Discussant: Mark Woods

PANEL: Frauds in History
misteraitch: Psalmanazar: the False Formosan
Dr. History: Bellesiles' Story Reflections
David Neiwert: Faking Indian Massacres and Tribal Affiliations for Profit (No, not Churchill)

PANEL: Religious Cultures and Modernities
Caleb McDaniel: Democratization and Christianity: mid-19th century Methodism and egalitarianism
Mark LeVine: Some Thoughs on the 'End of Arab History'
Wilson: Is there An Evangelical Historiography?
Brandon Watson: Jules Verne: Master of the World

PANEL: Contemporary US Politics in Historical Perspective
Geitner Simmons: Sectional frictions and national politics
David Noon: Hi. I'm Harry Truman, and I Approved This Stupid Historical Analogy
Red Ted: Fascism, American Style? Mussolini on the Fascist State

PANEL: Utility of History
Tanger: Historical Amnesia: On The Non-utility of Historical Examples
Lisa: An Attempt to Consult History: In Theory, This Works
eb: Nietzsche, and the personal advantage and disadvantage of historical study
Dr. History: The Nation Needs Less Historians

Press Monitors: HNN Interns and Editors
Members: Abu Aardvark, Allan Lichtman, Andrew Meyer, Anne, Brian Ulrich, Derek Catsam, Hugo Schwyzer, Jason Kuznicki, Pete, Russell Arben Fox, Thomas Reeves

ROUNDTABLE: Holocaust, now and then
Alan Allport: A+PLUSS
Anne: The Church and the Holocaust [footnote]
Orac: C-Span v. History
Orcinus: C-Span plays the Fool

PANEL: Myths and Legends
Hugo Holbling: Cannonballs and Conflict: Galileo at the Tower Of Pisa
Miriam Burstein: Anne Boleyn: Representations
Dmitri Rotov: Credit for Abner Doubleday: A Fine Officer

PANEL: On This Day
Irfan Khawaja: Lots of Ways of Looking at a Massacre: Jalianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919
Grant Jones: 9 April 1942: Surrender of American-Filipino forces on Bataan.
Orac: 60 years ago today: The liberation of Buchenwald
Lisa: Martin Luther King, RIP

PANEL: Asia: Echoes
Manan Ahmed: At the Grown Up Table: India's bid for the UN Security Council
Jonathan Dresner: Nationalistic Internationalism: Japan's bid for the UN Security Council
Konrad Lawson: Nobi: Rescusing the Korean Nation From Slavery
Sepoy: The Ghost of Bhutto

MINI-PANEL: Christian-Jewish Textualities
Weekend Fisher: Messiah: The Talmud on Messianic Prophecy
Ahistoricality: Newsletter Gospel

MINI-PANEL: Food and Non-Food
Henry Farrell: Crunchiness redux: On the edibility of rat droppings in the old west.
Sharon Howard: Crowds and Pies: On the edibility of critical speech

MINI-PANEL: Apologies in History
Konrad Lawson: Japan's Apologies to Korea
Rick Shenkman: God's Wrath: Apologies from 19th century American Leaders

CLOSING REMARKS: Nathanael D. Robinson: Poetic Landscapes and Real Environments

The incoming Conference Committee Chair, responsible for organizing and hosting the next History Carnival (1 May) will be Hugo Holbling at Studi Galileiani, email: hugo AT galilean-library DOT org. Best of luck to him!

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More Comments:

Caleb McDaniel - 4/18/2005

... for a Great Carnival!

Julie A Hofmann - 4/16/2005

Damn! This is like looking at my "Reviews" folder in my e-mail -- how is it that so much gets written that I haven't read? I love the organization, too!

Jason Kuznicki - 4/15/2005

No, no... My fault entirely. I e-mailed from your comment, assuming that it was headed for you. Instead it went to HaloScan's bit bucket, and I only noticed it this morning.

Sharon Howard - 4/15/2005

And Great work. Many thanks for all your effort!

Jonathan Dresner - 4/15/2005

I can't believe I forgot about that one (I even commented on it): You're in the Papal group.

Jason Kuznicki - 4/15/2005

Thanks... Though this one fits well in the "Frauds" panel as well as in the "Papal Working Group."

Jonathan Dresner - 4/15/2005

Send it, or post it here: I'll add an "individual papers session" for late arrivals.

Jason Kuznicki - 4/15/2005

I seem to have mis-sent my nomination, but in any event I wasn't terribly proud of the post. I'll be sure to have something suitably historical the next time around.