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The Grim Truth

Let's face it. Most publishers don't do a good job advertising books by historians. You want your book to be seen? That book you slaved over for years? You're probably going to have to advertise it yourself. One way you can do that is by getting the word out to friends and colleagues. You are probably doing that already. If you're technologically gifted you've set up a blog page or even a website to promote your book. But is that enough? How many people know about your blog or website?

Advertising Your Book on HNN

Advertising a book effectively means getting the word out about it to lots of people who already care about the subject. There's no better way to do that if you're a historian than getting your book advertised on HNN.

You should ask your publisher to advertise your book on HNN. But if they won't don't fret. You can do it yourself. Contact us directly and we'll post your book jacket on every page of our high profile website.

HNN's Vast Audience

HNN reaches an enormous audience of highly educated book buyers. More than half of our readers hold advanced degrees.

Chances are you visit HNN regularly. So do your peers. During the academic year upwards of 350,000 unique visitors (geek talk for individual readers) drop in on HNN every month.

How to Advertise Your Book

How can you get your book advertised on HNN? It's easy. We'll arrange everything. We'll post your book jacket on the HNN website and link it to Amazon or your own website. Readers will be able to click on the jacket and instantly buy your book online.

Of course this service is not offered for free. But it doesn't cost much. For just a few hundred dollars tens of thousands of readers will see your book jacket on every page of HNN.

If you want to advertise on HNN please contact Kyla Sommers. She'll be happy to create a custom advertising campaign that matches your needs. Click Here to send Kyla an email.

She'll contact you quickly and review your options. You can advertise by the day, the week or the month.

We can act quickly.

Why wait?

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