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UCLA prof. Toby Higbie named Lloyd Lewis Fellow at Newberry Library

UCLA associate professor Tobias Higbie has been named the Lloyd Lewis Fellow in American History at the Newberry Library in Chicago for 2013-14.

Professor Higbie received his PhD from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2000, and is the author of Indispensable Outcasts: Hobo Workers and Community in the American Midwest, 1880-1930. He co-curated the joint Newberry Library/Chicago Historical Society exhibit "Outspoken: Chicago's Free Speech Tradition" in the fall of 2004.

According to the UCLA announcement, Higbie will use the fellowship to conduct research for a book project entitled "Working Knowledge: Learning and Living in a Grassroots Social Movement."

The full list of 2013-2014 Newberry Library Fellows will be announced in the early summer.