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N.C. State historian Charles Ludington reflects on his Kavanaugh testimony

Two weeks ago, Charles Ludington was best-known for being a history professor at North Carolina State University. But since Sept. 30, he's become well-known for something else: publicly sharing details about his friendship and drinking with Justice Brett Kavanaugh when they were both students at Yale University.

On Oct. 2, his parents reported receiving harassing voicemails in their home to the Chapel Hill Police Department. Ludington said he also got some calls to his work phone number that were obviously about his comments on Kavanaugh.

Despite the threats, he didn’t seem too concerned while talking about it.

“In some cases, it was just heavy breathing,” he said, jokingly comparing it to something from a B-level horror movie. “There were all kinds of expletives you probably can’t publish in The Daily Tar Heel about me as a traitor or my masculinity or about condemning a man for his college behavior.”

His page on the N.C. State History Department’s website has been temporarily removed.

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