Roundup: Historians' Take

  • Opinion: 75 Years On, Remember Hiroshima And Nagasaki. But Remember Toyama Too

    by Cary Karacas and David Fedman

    AAF officials commonly used sanitizing language to mask the fact that they were targeting entire cities for destruction. Press releases described attacks not on cities, but on "industrial urban areas." Tactical reports set their sights not on densely populated neighborhoods, but on "worker housing."

  • Fighting Words

    by Sean Wilentz

    No, “liberal” and “progressive” aren’t synonyms. They have completely different histories—and the differences matter.

  • The Certainty of Donald Rumsfeld

    by Errol Morris

    If you have an unshakable belief in something, then no amount of evidence (or lack of evidence) can convince you otherwise.

  • Rand Paul Doesn't Stand a Chance

    by Michael Kazin

    Libertarianism may be on the rise, but it has no real chance of taking over the Republican Party, much less the nation.

  • Jonathan Schell's Legacy

    by Jim Sleeper

    Schell strengthened the bridge between republican commitments and cosmopolitan openings.

  • Ready for World War III?

    by Murray Polner

    Remember Winston Churchill's key to Russian action: Russian national interest.

  • A Fond Farewell to Jonathan Schell

    by Jim Sleeper

    Schell represented a WASP cultural sensibility and poured it into the beginnings of a transracial, global civil society.

  • Madman in the White House

    by James Rosen and Luke Nichter

    This time, it's the Russians who are making use of Nixon's "madman theory."

  • The My Lai Massacre Just Got Worse

    by William J. Astore

    CBS News has an article that shows that President Richard Nixon sought to cover up the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.

  • Lessons from the Little Ice Age

    by Geoffrey Parker

    The Little Ice Age of the seventeenth century triggered global disruptions to civilization. Policymakers need to heed the warning.

  • How LBJ Saved the Civil Rights Act

    by Michael O’Donnell

    Fifty years later, new accounts of its fraught passage reveal the era's real hero—and it isn’t the Supreme Court.

  • How We Built the Ghettos

    by Jamelle Bouie

    A brief introduction to America's long history of racist housing policy.

  • Obama Goes Solo in His 2nd Term

    by Peniel E. Joseph

    The president is pushing ahead with the initiatives laid out in his State of the Union, with or without help from Congress.