News at Home

  • The January 6 Committee and the Paranoid Style

    by Bruce W. Dearstyne

    Episodes consistent with the "paranoid style" recur with sufficient frequency in American history to make them a landmark of the culture. But it's less well understood how each individual episode has faded, insight we could use today. 

  • Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory?

    by Wallace Hettle

    An introduction to the core ideas of the Critical Race Theory movement and its founding thinkers suggests the right today isn't mad about ideas, but wants a new and scary-sounding term to justify their ongoing opposition to racial equality. 

  • Don't Call them Conservatives

    by Alan J. Singer

    As we confront what is happening in this country, we need to stop calling the MAGA movement conservative.

  • Time to Amend the Constitution

    by Don Fraser

    Significant changes are needed to the Constitution in order to preserve any semblance of democratic government. 

  • The Republicans' Holocaust Problem

    by Steve Hochstadt

    "New Republican laws and their emboldened approach to white supremacy will inevitably lead to an attack on any Holocaust teaching which goes beyond the discussion of prejudice to analyze the power of embedded racism and Christian white supremacy."

  • History Offers Warning that Some Crises of Civic Virtue are Overblown

    by Bruce Dearstyne

    The American Bar Association's Committee on American Citizenship warned in 1922 of a decline in civic awareness that threatened the very survival of the republic. A century later, it offers a lesson that sometimes warnings of democratic peril are self-serving. 

  • The Second Floundering

    by Brook Thomas

    Although scholars have identified the Reconstruction Amendments as a redemption of the flaws of the original Constitution, it's important to understand, as critics did at the time, that the 14th and 15th Amendments left many gaps in the American democracy. 

  • The Dictatorship of the Supreme Court

    by Christine Adams

    Six judges, who are impervious to public opinion and majority rule are exercising arbitrary control over American society, jeopardizing the very legitimacy of the government. 

  • Where Will America Be by 2030?

    by Ed Simon

    The right's agenda is for a white, Christian, patriarchal nationalism that simply can't be achieved by majority rule. That's what the Supreme Court and 400,000,000 privately owned guns are for.