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    Most GLOBE READERS probably don't have a particularly strong view on whether the word ''genocide'' or ''massacre'' should be used to describe what happened to Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire nearly 90 years ago. But for those who do care, the passions run extraordinarly deep.That is especially true for Armenian-Americans this time of year; April 24 is the anniversary of what they say was, by any reasonable measure, a campaign of genocide sta

  • History People Are Talking About: Archives 7-1-02 to 1-29-03

    Fresh evidence that the Biblical plagues and the parting of the Red Sea were natural events rather than myths or miracles is to be presented in a new BBC documentary. Moses, which will be broadcast next month, will suggest that much of the Bible story can be explained by a single natural disaster, a huge volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini in the 16th century BC.Using computer-generated imagery pioneered in Walking With Dinosaurs, the programme tells the

  • Media's Take on the News: January 2003

    The Republican Party's commitment to equality of opportunity has come under question in recent weeks, particularly its determination to deal effectively with racial segregation. That's lamentable, for there is a laudable story to tell about the modern Republican Party and the efforts of a Republican president to ensure equal opportunity for all Americans. In 1970, seven states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina — co

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    Click here for the archives. NYT Reports on Vietnam Atrocities New Transcripts: What Kissinger Thought and Did About Chile Why The Nixon Library Shouldn't Be Given the Nixon Tapes Apologizing for Sterilization in the Past Isn't Enough

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    The Man Who Invented Reality TV: Presidential Filmmaker Robert Drew Politicization of Australian National Museum Costs Director Her Job Historian Travels from London in Search of Records Concerning "Wild Bill" Hickok Debunking the Myth of the Samurai Myths of Dunkirk Debunked

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    Sean Wilentz: JFK Was Another Master of the Senate The Lack of Appreciation for Booker T. Washington Shows a Failure of Imagination Gerald Posner: Impostors Are Being Taken Seriously by the Media During Kennedy Commemorations The Man Who Saved London: Sixty Years Ago, An Amateur French Spy, Michel Hollard, Pulled Off the Impossib

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    Michael Beschloss: The One Question Voters Should Ask Themselves The Hindu Holocaust Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty Digging Up the Dead to Settle Historical Debates: A Good Idea? Mark von Hagen: NYT Should Give Up 1932 Pulitzer Prize for Reporting by Duranty

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    Michael Beschloss: Kissinger's Secret Papers and Tapes We Have a Holocaust Museum, How About a Communism Museum? Historian: New Movie Mangles the True Story of Zapata Germans Confront the Truth About the Nazi Murderers in Their Own Families Revisionism Run Amuck

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    A Strained Monticello Reunion All Roads at Monticello Lead Back to Elizabeth Hemings William Safire: Truman's Diary Mel Gibson: His Movie About Christ's Crucifixion Did Philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer Benefit from his Nazi Connections? The New Park Ce

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    Remembering the Louisiana Purchase on Its 300th Anniversary Rorke's Drift was scene of British atrocities: Heroic effort marred by brutal aftermath Partsian Review, RIP Michelangelo's David: How Clean Is Too Clean? It's Time for a Memorial in Lower Manhattan to the Slave