• Untold Stories from the Largest Boat Lift in History

    by Jessica DuLong

    On September 11, 2001, nearly half a million civilians in Lower Manhattan escaped by water when mariners conducted a spontaneous rescue. This was the largest waterborne evacuation in history, but has gone largely untold.

  • The Generosity of James Loewen

    by Guy Lancaster

    James Loewen didn't put ideals of prestige over his "deadly earnest desire to find and expose manifestations of American racism that had, for so long, gone unnoticed and unexplored by most scholars." His generosity went hand in hand with his widespread impact.

  • The Truth About James Loewen

    by Ann Banks

    HNN blogger Ann Banks writes that a small exchange typified the late James Loewen's insistence on telling the truth about history.

  • HNN Honors James W. Loewen, 1942-2021

    by HNN Staff

    HNN honors the life and work of James W. Loewen, author of "Lies My Teacher Told Me" and numerous other books, and an HNN contributor. He passed at the age of 79 on August 19. 

  • The Difference a Day Makes: Robespierre's 9 Thermidor

    by Colin Jones

    The eventful 9 Thermidor (July 27, 1794) is seen as a pivotal day for French Revolution. Colin Jones digs deep into the archival documentation of the day and argues that the day's significance is real but misunderstood. 

  • Why Does Speculation Persist in the Age of Predictive Data?

    by Gayle Rogers

    "During this pandemic, all of us have studied many data points to assess our risks and predict how safe our futures will be under X or Y scenarios. Even when there has been no shortage of data, even when the data have overwhelmed us, the future has never been made certain and clear for us by them. Instead, we have had to become speculators to some degree."