HNN Topics

  • William Barr and the Rule of Law

    The Attorney General faces scrutiny from Congress over his role in dealing with protest, directing the course of investigations on Trump's inner circle, and the integrity of the election.

  • Historians Face Back-To-School as Parents, Too

    Historians are parents and childcaregivers (and historians teach in primary and secondary schools!) too. Their thoughts on safety, the impact on working parents, remote learning and more.

  • Tom Cotton Goes to War with the 1619 Project

    The Arkansas Republican Senator introduced a bill to block any federal funds from being used to teach the (free) companion curriculum to the New York Times's 2019 special issue on the centrality of slavery to American history.

  • SHEAR Madness

    The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic's virtual plenary was the most exciting thing to happen on Academic Zoom since COVID. Read about the controversy.