David Irving says Holocaust apology will ‘not help’ bishop

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Right-wing British historian David Irving confirmed yesterday that he had offered his assistance to controversial bishop Richard Williamson but said he did not believe the cleric’s apology over his Holocaust-denial remarks would “help” him.

Irving, contacted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa yesterday, said he had offered Williamson to stay with him at his home in Windsor, near London, following his expulsion from Argentina this week. But the bishop had not been in touch since his return to Britain on Wednesday, and had presumably found shelter with the British branch of the ultra-traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X, of which he is member.

Earlier yesterday, the society’s British website published a statement from 68-year-old Williamson in which he apologizes for his remarks, denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

“I suppose the Pius Brothers will have urged him to do that, but it will not help him,” Irving said. He had met Williamson at a garden party last October and given him “advice” during the recent controversy, Irving said.
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