Idaho history group replaces director who quit in payment flap

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The Idaho State Historical Society said Monday it has hired a new executive director, replacing the one who quit last year after auditors found he'd accepted thousands in improper payments and travel reimbursements.

The money was later repaid.

Janet L. Gallimore, who has headed up fundraising and community outreach at the public- and privately funded Confluence Project in Vancouver, Wash., starts next month in Boise. She replaces Steve Guerber, who quit in November after a state audit showed he banked $5,467.77 in improper reimbursements over a five-year period.

At the Confluence Project, Gallimore worked with Vietnam War Memorial designer Maya Lin on seven art installations along the Columbia River _ including one in Clarkston, Wash, across the river from Lewiston, Idaho. The sites are meant to highlight the Lewis and Clark expedition and its effect on the land and on the American Indians the explorers encountered
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