First US Citizen Indicted for Treason Since WWII Era

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A former resident of Orange County, Calif., has become the first person to be charged with treason against the United States since the World War II era, the U.S. Department of Justice announced on Wednesday.

Adam Gadahn, 28 - also known as Azzam al-Amriki or Azzam the American - "gave al Qaeda aid and comfort ... with intent to betray the United States," according to the treason count in the indictment, which was returned by a federal grand jury in Santa Ana, Calif....

The last person convicted of treason against the United States was Tomoya Kawakita, a Japanese-American sentenced to death in 1952 for tormenting American prisoners of war during World War II.

His sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953, and 10 years later, President John F. Kennedy - during the closing of the Alcatraz prison where he was serving his time - pardoned him and had him deported to Japan.

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