American Dental Association Commemorates 75 Years of Water Fluoridation

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In honor of the 75th anniversary of community water fluoridation, the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention's National Fluoridation Advisory Committee will offer a series of four Zoom webinars in July that will include continuing education credit for each.

“I think the four sessions we have developed will have a wide appeal and which covers most of the fundamental elements of promoting community water fluoridation,” said Dr. Leon Stanislav, chair of the committee.

“Perhaps, more important than ever, in this time of a pandemic crisis and the limitations that have been imposed on all of health care, is the basic need for prevention,” Dr. Stanislav said. “What better and more universal method can there be to reach millions of people and help them avoid the preventable oral disease of tooth decay?”

The goals of the series, Dr. Stanislav said, include further education on the safety of water fluoridation and its role in prevention, as well as building and solidifying advocacy on behalf of community water fluoridation in state and local governments.

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