Was JFK Behind the Assassination of Diem?

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Last week the Weekly Standard published an article claiming that newly-released tapes from the LBJ presidential library included "a bombshell" ... "Johnson himself believed what Richard Nixon always suspected: that the Kennedy White House did not merely tolerate or encourage the murder of Ngo Dinh Diem, but organized and executed it."

HNN asked historians on H-Diplo to respond to the charge.

THOMAS SCHWARTZ Author of Lyndon Johnson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam

This article is old news, in that LBJ was complaining from the day he came into office that the Kennedy people had mismanaged the Vietnamese political crisis and the Diem coup. Beschloss records a conversation Johnson had with Donald Cook on November 30, 1963, in which LBJ complained that we needed a new ambassador to replace Henry Cabot Lodge who won't want to "make Vietnam into America overnight." (Beschloss, p.74) (Johnson's venom in these early days was directed as much against Lodge as anybody else - he complained constantly about him, and I suspect this also had to do with the possibility that Lodge might be a candidate in 1964.) Johnson did feel, with some justification in my view, that the Kennedy's Administration should have anticipated Diem's murder given his history of surviving coup attempts and taking revenge on his opponents. But this is a long way from believing that Kennedy explicitly ordered Diem's assassination. What we know of Kennedy's reaction - and admittedly JFK was a good actor at time - is that he expressed shock and regret. But he was also relieved that Diem was gone and congratulated Lodge on his achievement, so the story is a bit mixed. These new Johnson tapes only show the frustration of a man who inherited a disastrous political situation and was now being criticized by some of the people, like Robert Kennedy, whom he held responsible for it.

Incidentally, Richard Nixon was more direct than LBJ in expressing his view of Kennedy's culpability. In a taped telephone conversation with Billy Graham on April 9, 1971, he told Graham simply that "Kennedy killed Diem," and that he was the person most responsible for the mess that he was trying to resolve. Obviously Hunt and his subordinates wanted to come up with something a bit more direct in implicating Kennedy.

DAVID KAISER Author of American Tragedy: Kennedy, Johnson, and the Origins of the Vietnam War

It is a very sad fact of modern life that journalists and popular historians have no understanding of basic rules of evidence, and do not take the trouble to find authoritative works on subjects they choose to discuss.

I exhaustively researched and reported the Kennedy Administration's role in the Diem coup in my book, American Tragedy (which is not mentioned in the Weekly Standard.) Using contemporary documentation and audio tapes, I made two things very clear.

1. On only one occasion did President Kennedy refer to Diem's possible fate in a coup. At that time--during the last week of August 1963--he definitely said that Diem should be exiled and that nothing more should happen to him.

2. The Kennedy Administration, in a last meeting on October 30--two days before the coup--simply decided that they would not stand in the way of a coup if one took place. The discussion shows considerable skepticism as to whether one was going to take place. When the execution of the coup began, Conein got about an hour's warning.

It has been well known for many, many years that Lyndon Johnson opposed the coup from the beginning, and that he (and Nixon) liked to blame the coup for the war. It should be clear to any intelligent person with any familiarity with LBJ that he was blowing off steam, not reporting verbatim conversations. He was referring to the view of Roger Hilsman and Averell Harriman (whom he fired and demoted, respectively, within months of taking office) that Diem had to be replaced.

It is sad to realize, when one has devoted years of one's life to searching out the facts of a controversial historical incident, that when it comes to controversial events, only a small minority of Americans will be interested in those facts.

ERIC BERGERUD Author of Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning: The World of a Combat Division in Vietnam

I can certainly sympathize with David Kaiser's dismay over a mass circulation article "trumping" years of general research. Yet I suspect that the notion that the Diem coup was orchestrated by "puppet masters" in Washington is very widespread among historians teaching survey courses. I have heard such descriptions often. (Indeed, I think many of the "self-evident truths" concerning the recent past held by young journalists comes from well meaning professors they encountered in college who were passing on a kind of political dogma in lieu of nuanced interpretation.)

This kind of distortion hardly starts or stops with the Diem coup. If I were to point to one general error made by American academia concerning the course of the Cold War in the "Third World" it would be the general disregard of indigenous factors. Depending upon political viewpoint, the strings controlling events in developing countries are depicted as being pulled in Washington (usually), Moscow, Beijing, London or even Paris. The indigenous components, often crucial, are downplayed or ignored. The Diem coup is a perfect example.

My late friend Douglas Pike described the Diem years as the "Terry and the Pirates" period of the Vietnam conflict. He was referring to the tangled and venomous political atmosphere that was both caused by and reflected by revolutionary forces. It was no trouble to find an enemy of Diem before 1963. (It was also easy enough to find sincere enemies of the communists.) I think one could argue that Diem suffered because it was perceived he was losing U.S. support. Nevertheless, it is one thing to say that Washington failed to protect Diem and quite another to say that Washington ordered his removal and condoned his murder.

In any case, Diem was overthrown by Vietnamese for Vietnamese reasons. I think one could make a similar statement concerning the coup against Allende, or the murder of Patrice Lumumba just to cite two examples. This is not to say that the Great Powers were bystanders. Indeed, civil discord throughout history has been an open invitation to foreign meddling or intervention. The trick is to get the equation right. As it stands, I fear, all too often the people most closely involved in the struggles of the Cold War have been relegated to the status of puppet or forgotten completely. This is very bad history. If nothing else it implies a degree of coherence in policy-making or control of events that rarely existed on the part of the Great Powers when playing the Great Game after 1945.

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Joe William Glidewell - 5/5/2005

I have just finished this book that is mentioned in the above comment. I do not agree that President Kennedy sent Lodge to Vietnam for the express purpose of having Diem and his brother eliminated thru assassination. I believe that President Kennedy sent Lodge for the purpose of having someone there that he felt would give him information that would support the feeling that a change was necessary. But I found little evidence in the book that suggested that Kennedy wanted to have Diem killed when the "hopeful coup" took place. In fact I think that Jones proves with his extensive use of documentation that Kennedy was indeed shocked and disappointed, if that is the correct word, that Diem lost his life. I think Jones shows the immaturity of Kennedy and his advisers in dealing in the coup business. History has shown for a long time that a coup takes a life of its own once it starts and you can not predict with any certainty how it will turn out. The coup that removed Diem and his brother is a classic example of how this happens. Did Kennedy and his advisers want a change in Vietnam's govt. in 1963? Most definetly. Did they also want an "executive action" against Diem? I don't think so and I don't believe that Mr. Jones does either.

Steve George Hale - 4/27/2005

Ellen Hammer wrote a very important book back in 1987 entitled: A Death In November. This book, written by the foremost authority on Vietnam's history, gives a month-by-month description of how the U.S. State Department engineered the overthrow of the government of South Vietnam in 1963, culminating in the assassination of Diem. JFK was assassinated just 20 days later, after having ordered the return of the first 1,000 military advisers from Vietnam, based on Diem's wishes to remove U.S. involvement.

A recent book by Howard Jones, concerning how the assassinations of Diem and Kennedy served to prolong the war, says that Henry Cabot Lodge went to Vietnam as ambassador in the summer of 1963 for the express purpose of orchestrating the plot to kill Diem and his brother under the guise of a coup. And it worked without a hitch. Hilsman was a major player on this side, along with David Halberstam of the N.Y. Times, who sought to defame Diem regarding the buddhist revolt, which was proved to be a hoax against Diem's integrity.


...tales by talented Vincent Lappstein&prepared by Emma - 1/15/2004

A Saga on the Svekish Model LAWly Theatre; living machines of Screenplay Industry...(Int. English language version)


- Collective sentences passed in Sweden. Nixon Núñez, excommunicated by law.
- ...means?! - It's a documentay prepared vy Tv Independent Laponia
team... - Let's watch it!.. **
- A few days ago the Administrative Supreme Court of Stockholm rejected the
appeal of the artist Nixon Núñez concerning his right to public defense and
notified him that his claim will not be subject of revision on the part of the
Court (case nr 7041, sentence of the 9 of December 2003 rejecting the revision
of the subject of the appeal). Thus, the previous sentence of the Court of
Appeal of Stockholm is ratified, a sentence in which Nixon Núñez' request for
public defense is turned down with the argument that it is incumbent on the
court to analyse the claim of Mr. Núñez and that a public defender not is
necessary in this type of cases. To date Nixon Núñez has paid 30,000 euros for
his defense and will have to continue paying until his case arrives at the Court
of the European Communities of Luxembourg. The right to public defense is a
human right and one of the bases of the Convention of Human rights that Sweden
has signed and has pledged to respect.

Every year approximately 20,000 citizens appeal to the Administrative Supreme
Court in Sweden. The Administrative Supreme Court grants the right of revision
of their cases to 40 persons per year. The rest, the immense majority of
appeals, are put together in categories to be rejected collectively under the
direction of a Reporter. In the case of Nixon Núñez the Reporter was Leif
Bergqvist, who without any type of motivation rejected the claim presented by
the lawyer of Mr. Núñez. The Reporter presented the appeal of Nixon Núñez
jointly with a series of other appeals before the three judges Nordborg,
Wennerström and Dexe, who collectively rejected it together with the rest of the
appeals and without putting their signature to the corresponding document. Two
of these judges, Nordborg and Wennerström, rejected a year ago the demand
presented by Nixon Núñez for the inhibition of the sentence referring to his
personal assistance. Appeals are thus denied through collective sentences which
the responsible judges do not even sign. They simply put a cross in the
corresponding square. These sentences, however, are not called sentences but

The right to public defense is a human right established by the European
Convention of Human rights. The collective sentences lack legal value and
constitute a crime against the human rights. The right to a fair trial before a
neutral court must also be respected by the Swedish State. In July 1993 the
lawyer of Nixon Núñez, Dennis Brinkeback, published an article in the Swedish
newspaper Expressen entitled "Excommunicated by law" in which he made reference
to the farce of the administrative courts in Sweden and to the sentences of
these courts which he called "a complete farce". Very little he has changed
since then but the Swedish press keeps very quiet when it comes to this type of
abuse of authority. We therefore kindly ask you to spread this information in
any way you can.
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- I have another tales... - You are welcome:: - The Law of
Jante in Swedish Society... A thesis written in 1998 while I attended the
University of Minnesota. Received the class' highest grade. Written from the
perspective of an American's view of Jantelagen. Also; if one asks a Swede what
is the most prevalent characteristic of their society, they would probably say,
"We are envious of our neighbors good fortune." After talking with enough of
them, one would come to realize it is truly a widespread mentality in the
Swedish society as a whole. In fact, the Swedish Institute of Public Opinion
Research found that in a poll conducted of which traits Swedes identify
themselves mostly with, "Envious" was at the top of the list with 49% of the
respondents. (Daun, 186). What is behind the prevalence of envy in this
prosperous, industrialized, yet intensely jealous nation?

The foremost reason can be described by Jante's Law. Jante's Law comes from the
Norwegian/Danish author Aksel Sandemose's novel, "En flygtning krysser sitt
spor", in which the fictitious Danish town of Jante lives by its own ten
commandments. Jante's law is defined by Sandemose: "This is Jante: each little
soul's struggle for coequality and recognition, never without consciousness that
all the others are greater than he." These ten laws stand as both a criticism
and a fairly accurate depiction of moral code in Sweden and Scandinavia today.
It can be said that many modern swedes live by these laws, consciously or not,
and embrace them deeply. "The Law of Jante was not merely a set of laws, it was
the very core of the speech of the people, all they ever said could be traced
straight back to the Law of Jante." (Sandemose, 28). Envy, despite being a
christian sin, is a principle part of Jante's law, as the result of breaking
this social code means that your neighbors will despise you for your
individuality, uniqueness, or an excess show of wealth. In fact, one could
venture to say that in Swedish society, breaking Jante's law is in and of itself
much worse than committing the sin of envy.

What purpose does Jante's law serve in Swedish society today? "By means of the
Law of Jante people stamp out each other's chances in life." (Sandemose, 28).
This cruel statement taken by itself paints a harsh and unforgiving picture of
Swedish society. Yet, the laws serve a purpose deeply rooted in historical
background. In early provincial Sweden, strong community solidarity was
necessary to tie people together and to survive as a collective. The survival of
the community as an entire entity was more important than any individual member,
and thus the moral code behind Jante's law was formed.

As Sweden emerged as an egalitarian state, the envy and hatred of one's
neighbour became more prevalent in society as the disparity between incomes grew
lesser. With every TV set and stereo ones neighbours purchased it became
important that you had one as well. Society scolded those who bought flashier
cars than such a person should have, yet all the while wishing deep inside it
had an even better vehichle. The mere fact that economically one's neighbours
earn a much closer income makes the petty differences matter more to the average
Swede. For example, if Per Löfgren is a doctor, and makes a bit higher salary
than the Dahlbergs across the hall, it would be considered boastful and
insulting to the Dahlbergs if he had them over to show off the pictures from his
lavish vacation to India. In fact, just mentioning the vacation casually would
be in violation of Jante's law. In order to live by the law of Jante, one must
not only show, but prove one thinks no more of themself than one thinks of the
great and powerful "we".

Although Sweden is a successful and relatively financially secure nation,
Jante's law persists in society. This peasant law, which valued a strong work
ethic and a communal mentality, exists today because Swedes deeply believe their
society relies on it to succeed and to prosper. In his essay "A System out of
Harmony with its Values", Patrik Engellau describes the reliance of Swedes on
Jante's law. "The stability of Swedish society requires that all three pillars
bear its weight. If we forget one or two of them and attempt the circus feat of
standing on only one of them, we are in danger of losing our balance and falling
flat on our faces." (Engellau, 57). It is this fear of change and instability
that keeps modern Swedes belief in middle-road equality alive.

A good example of modern Sweden reacting in the way of Jante's law is the
Swedish perspective on fame and stardom. In Åke Daun's book Swedish Mentality he
writes, "Swedes are ambivalent about their 'stars' (the more neutral term
'celebrity' is seldom used) whether in sports, show business, or culture. The
stars' successes may be admired, but their exclusiveness and out-of-the-ordinary
achievements often give rise to envy and therefore to malicious pleasure when
the stars 'fall.'

The high value towards sameness makes all personal successes problematic."
(Daun, 107). It happens quite often that political figures are victims of
newspaper and magazine exposés, as the public reacts quite zealously when seeing
prominent figures fail. This presents a rather daunting problem for those in
prominent positions, as it is their duty under Jante's law to mask their
successes as much as they can, and to never revel in them.

From an American perspective, Jante's law may be Scandinavia's greatest cultural
difference. In the American workplace, management uses positive reinforcement
with employees as a method of motivation. In Sweden and much of Scandinavia, one
is expected to get ones work done, without much herald. It can be related to the
Swedish proverb, "Noble deeds are done in silence." (Engellau, 57). If an
American enters the Swedish workplace expecting the same treatment of endless
compliments for a job well done, they are certainly in for a surprise. Likewise,
should a Swede come to work in the states, they are not likely to know the
proper response to the barrage of compliments they will receive. It is typical
of Swedes to respond to compliments in a negative manner, by saying "No, I
really didn't do anything special," or "It wasn't anything anyone else couldn't
easily do." In the states, responding to a compliment in this manner is
insulting to the person giving the compliment in the way that it infers the
person didn't know what they were talking about. However, should the American
respond to a compliment in a Swedish workplace with "Thanks, I did my best!" or
"It was easy", they will be received as being boastful, overly proud, and in
direct violation of Jante's law, thus instilling envy in their coworkers.

Jante's law isn't strictly a Scandinavian philosophy, there is also a similar
social code in Chile (Daun, 176). However, the strength of this mentality
lingers stronger in Scandinavia than any other place on the map. In recent
years, this has changed a little, partly because along with the growing
popularity of the American economic system has come the adoption of American
ideas and values, which are in strict conflict with Jante's law. The increasing
globalization of trade and the influx of immigrants into Swedish society has
also diminished the strengh of Sweden's social code. However, evidence of
Jante's law can still be seen in nearly all facets of society, and will most
likely prevail for years to come.
- What a LAWly circus!.. - ?!

- What did you know about the CoS Copyright War on the Internet?
- Nothing!.. Tell us, please!..
- To the best of my knowledge, the whole thing started a few years back in the
United States when ex-scientologists and critics of the CoS began to openly
discuss scientology on the internet and quoted from texts that they made
available on their web pages. The church sued and won, sued and won, and there
were police raids all over America, arrests being made, and computers being
confiscated. Then the battle for free speech and for freedom of information
about religion crossed the Atlantic to Holland, where author Karin Spaink and a
hundred others had posted copyrighted Hubbard manuscripts. The church sued, and
the Dutch netizens were ordered to remove the offending documents from their
websites. But they refused. The church started intense and vicious harassment
procedures against Spaink, who was the initiator and leader of this civil
disobedience campaign. The CoS began to "dead-agent" Spaink by spreading rumors
that she was a member of Ku Klux Klan - a typical scieno tactic. But she held
out, and the court ruled that the net users who refused to remove the
Hubbard-documents had not acted illegally. This was the first legal defeat for
the CoS.

In early February, 1995, Scientology representatives somehow used Interpol and
the Finnish police to demand the True Name of one particular user of
anon.penet.fi, an anonymous remailer in Finland. The owner of the remailer
reluctantly complied, fearing that if he resisted, he might be forced to give up
his entire database that matched anonymous IDs to True Names. In 1996,
Scientology once again demanded the names of two anon.penet.fi users; as a
result, Julf Helsingius, the remailer's owner, has closed it down. The scienos
succeeded in planting a story in the media, which was printed twice in the
respectable "Observer" in England, that the anonymity in question had not been
protecting ex-scienos from the vindictiveness of the church, but child
pornographers from the arm of the law!

After Holland and Finland, the war moves to Sweden where it reaches a climax. In
August of 1996, Zenon Panoussis, in Stockholm, appeared from out of nowhere on
alt.religion.scientology and posted a copy of Scientology's "secret" NOTs levels
to the newsgroup. Zenon invited CoS to sue him, and they did so, in the process
raiding his apartment while he was not present. This was apparently an illegal
search and seizure.

Zenon Panoussis had a powerful weapon: A very good knowledge of Swedish law,
which he played to the hilt. Sweden has an absolutely unique law about public
documents - everything that is mailed to the members of parliament or to any
other public officials becomes public property, i.e. anybody can demand copies.
When the CoS flew across the Atlantic and got an immediate court order to raid
Zenon's home and computer equipment in search of these NOTs, Zenon had deleted
the files from his harddisk but made backup copies on removable disks that he
had buried in his garden. Immediately after the raid, he registered and mailed
these copies to the Swedish Parliament and to the Department of Justice. The
consequence of this action was that the top secret NOTs were now, according to
Swedish constitutional law, available to the public. The church threatened. They
even got an American senator (Carlos Moorhead or something) to send a
threatening letter to the president of Riksdagen, who promptly told him, in
diplomatic language of course, to take his church and shove it. Swedish law in

That's when the circus began and the scienos showed how crazy they really are.
You see, the church had explained publicly that the reason why it was so
important to keep these documents secret, was that they were only for high OT
level initiates, and the unprepared could actually die if they tried to read
them. Naturally, this made the disputed docs very popular indeed, and while they
were being illegally transported and copied all over the globe in cyberspace,
the Swedish government also had to make them available at Riksdagen's public
library. The scienos crowded the library from dawn to dusk and occupied the
documents to prevent others from seeing them. (They weren't really allowed to
read them, because they were pre-clears.) The library had to make two separate
reading rooms with two separate copies of the docs, one for scientologists and
one for non-scientologists (or "wogs").

The NOTs could (and still can) be ordered legally from the Swedish Parliament,
and the requests came in from all over the world after Zenon's announcement, and
the official employees had never been so busy keeping the copy machines rolling.
These employees also had to put up with threatening and psychotic behavior from
the scienos, harassment, fax bombs, telephone terror etc. The requests had to be
made anonymously after interested parties were subjected to scieno harrassment.

Then it happened - now get this: For the first time in history, Riksdagen was
burglarized at night. Yes, the scienos broke in and stole the NOTs from the
Swedish Parliament. Then they tried to convince the public that Zenon was the
guilty party! (In their desparation, their lies became so idiotic that nobody
believed them anymore.) But Zenon had his backups ready, which he promptly
delivered to Riksdagen.

The circus went on for over two years, and Zenon eventually lost his case
against the CoS, but he is still refusing to pay. In the meantime, the battle
moved to Stavanger, Norway, where Andreas Heldal-Lund posted the NOTs on his
website after purchasing them legally from the Swedish parliament. The scienos
came to his home immediately, making threats. The scieno lawyers in California
became very busy. But Andreas succeeded in keeping his NOTs posted for six
months before he was forced to remove them. They're always available somewhere,
but they're always being moved. My own posting is an extra, and notice that I've
done it on a Norwegian server. You see, Norway is one country where the CoS has
lost every case and where they don't have the money or the will to sue. They're
practically non-existent. This country is the last stronghold in this war, the
only place that is safe from the church and their obnoxious dirty tricks and

This is the drama behind the NOTs. But they are no good unless we can understand
them. And perhaps anthroposophists are precisely the people who are best
qualified to make use of these pilfered treasures as a tool to investigate
scientology. Let's read them and discuss them.
- What a LAWly circus!.. - ?!


- What are you thinking on these incredible scenes? - We must know that
our weakness is Imperialism's strength, I understand here again... - I agree
with you, Comrade Jonas Hållén! - You are welcome, Comrade Lars Törnman!
- I think, democracy should work better!.. Criminals and collaborators should be
- Should we arrest the criminals?!. Don't make me laugh! - Well, I see the
double roles and false rules of the juridical instruments... What a shame we
been forced to label it "democracy"... How thus majority of people, thus living
creators, stinky mass could be so incredible nonsense blind meanwhile all the
enormous fraudulent process?!.. Unbelieveable!... This is a glaring
injustice!.. I wonder, what goes wrong by the juridical instruments... How can I
say?! It is very strange!... You now, if you see all these incredible cases,
thick-headed attitudes... - How? Do you explain? What is concrete that
you remember? - Yes, I remember that David Janzon, a redactional worker of
Radio Islam, was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in October 1992, for the
station's agitation "against an ethnic group". Are the provocators of Capitalist
Fascist lobbies are really a ethnical group?! - There is so specially
groups? Okay, Jews!... It's the overclass group, nobody can imitate such
shurks... - But when you been oppressed so your accusation can only
be refuseed... The shurks are the masters 'cause they experinced a lot of cruel
methodes since many years... You can only suffer like many freedom fighters...
- Concrete cases? - Very much!... The judges of system who play dirty
rolls... It is extra incredible on Swedish justice-scenes that many foolish
judges been corrupted by Jewish authorities and they play extra horrible rolls
as pycho-proff doctor magister at policlinics... I can not meet all the judges
nor observate all the cases but I met many high-staff at Golf Club Tenerrife,
they explained... Shameful!... I can not explain here what they say on the
corrpted colleges, so awfully shameful... ... Court material look likes
simetrical sences, reasons are too similarly... Many papers of court been
published by the Bonniers, Nordstedt... Same mechanism publish as basic Zionist
propagand material, too... EU-membership... After 1995 impressed it by the
democratical authorities of other countries? - Unfortunately, it's in all
frauds, much more dirty now... If any true jurist goes to United Nations related
commissions or the independent justice authorities, so we shall most interesting
scandals... - What kind of scandals? - For instance Osmo
Vallo&Tony Mutka and other members of the "assassination on the so called
Resande Folket" cases... Märta Pettersson and others who murdered by the
"imported criminals" like Bengalian Zionist Mafia moblized in the EU; similarly
recruitment cases... Remember; what the relatiives of Tony Deogan, Dagmar
Hagelin, Anders Gustavsson demand... - Don't make me worry with
examles, don't list please much more!.. - It's not me who create the
official shame lists!.. Did you hear Osmo Vallo's two brothers and all other
relatives are arrested, too... The victims and witness been arrested instead of
murderers... Otherway, many freedom fighters forced to be jobless and living
under minimal standards... Most famous concret case is Stefan Dimiter
Tcholakov who labelled as "laborious" and Work Rights fighters Jimmie
Östergren, delegated adviser (former grafiker) Bengt Pettersson and Ahmed Rami,
because of these bravehearts criticized the thieves by the Capitalist Jewish
lobbies... Laponians who fight for own mark and minority rights, therefore
prisoned their representative character Olof T. Johansson, the true Socialists
like Bengt Frejd, Sara Lidman, Staffan Ehnebom, so-called the "Free Speech
Fighters", anti-Capitalist demonstranter like Jan Hatto, Sten Arne-Zerpe,
Dietlieb Felderer, movements who struggle against the weapon-handlers like
Henrik Westander (before professur-chair gift) and by his side likely flexible
Calle Höglund, anti-Imperialists Hannes Westberg, Herman Schmid, journalists
Staffan Beckman, Stefan Hjertén, free-mind intellectuals like Rainer Holm, Linus
Brohult, honoured priest K. G. Hammar and hundreds of the anti-Imperialists who
been registrated by the lobbies... - What is common with them? -
Also! When a Fascist accuse them so judges punish the reviewers, immediately...
But when the oppressed people leave any accusation acceptance, can easily be
refuseed ... The requests of them almost been absolutely refuseed... Read two
different cover of assassinations for example one victim called Daniel
WRETSTRÖM and second one Tony DEOGAN; so you'll be shocked if you discover many
incredible freakness, parallel points; for instance how the prosecutors and
judges corrupted by financial lobbies and how all the gang members released, how
the evidences disappointed, witnesses forced to go in silence or they
disapponted, too...
- Why the DN, Expressen and other big papers awoid of to publich these true
stories?.. They awoid of to show the real discrimination?! Schindler's List was
only a filmatic illusion, actually the true boss never gave a chance peace in
communities... You know, Bonniers, Wallenberg, Bilderberg-gangs and "Bulldogs"
drive the Swindlers' lists, means all the honoured intellectuals been
registrated on their computers... Therefore Stockholm-Canberra changed to be
second plot area of Jew York-Tel Aviv's armed Mafia... - Yes, it's!.. But
what a lucky I have been warned before!. - The authorities are blind on
such actions.. Why? - Because every big shurk drives by the big lobbies in
this big SvekJa zionized Kingdom... - ?! - How can we could
informed and know the truth!?... - I can't reply all in two minutes?!
- Well!... I understand better... It's a modernised version of enormous
hypocrisy... And I understand why the worlkd couldn't react when Jews slaughed
people in Sabra, Shatila, Jenin... Everybody watched on tv meanwhile druck
Coca-Cola, chips, bonbons... - Like the film-druged idiots?.. - No,
Sir!... We have incredible reactions and collaborated feelings too, remember,
we all cried when we watched on the Swindler's list, whole lies master-piece on
scenes... - Shame on double-moral masters!.. Where are the all good peoples
now?! - No way to Pessimism, please!.. Well, I see a positive case here on
the Scandinavian Jewish DN, Expressen, Menorah pages; Maximum sentence for the
desecration of cemeteries - an outrage which traditionally targeted Jewish
cemeteries - was raised from 6 months' imprisonment to 2 years. Yes, the
prisonment period raised in 1993, Spring. Then... - It should not calls for
case; it's provocation... There is no any single case in SvekJa, means nobody
sentenced, nobody improsined for desecrations.. - Maximum sentence will be
2 years! Isn't good? - I want not talk on the sentences good or not
good... But I'm coming from Skaane and I witnessed who targeted the
cemeteries... - Who? - Jews!... I saw them... They were there
and porovoced very succesful so they manipulated sitation... Therefore there is
no prisoner after this pharagraph ' cause they aimed change the rules...
- I remember a similarly case, my mother witnessed and told us about the foxy
Jews who played theatre at the street on 30 November in Germania... It was
before WW III, Jewish fanatics crashed own glass and won enormous generous
compensation by the reasurance firms... But their media manipulated the world by
the help of american Imperialism so all the analphabets crying on every 30
September worldwide, every year like a crying festival, meantime the Zionist
boss' laughing behind the windows...
- This is not the Cold War but a form of ongoing Cold War, what drives now by
the lobbies... This area demands the prejudiced scientists... - Why the
oppressed folk don't protest or discuss these problems... - Ever and never!
This is not the results of the football matches... People need knowledge on
biological developments... - Biological? Bur the lobotomies and
sterilization methodes were only in last century?! - System have now most
avanced methodes for instance isolation, registration and systematically
injustice... Only two tousand youngs become suicide in SvekJa Kingdom, two times
been a short news.. - Youngs?... But adults? - They never
counts by half officially pools.... Animal lover bourgeoisie have
sex-partner-dogs, counts for identification and health rights, but not the
discriminated persons... Never mind!... - There aren't really a single
one modernized democratical institution?
- ?! ** - I wonder why many
immigrants sets to work without language courses meanwhile many others been
discriminated because of their language is not "wonderful, brilliant"?.. - I
met many people too... For example after Warszawa pakt's collapse fleed
manybiologs to the occupied Middle East, Australia, SvekJa and specially the
laboratory workers sets on the jobs without any oppression... - Did you
found any explain about this subject?.. - Not directly... I met a family
in SvekJa, who calls for BOLDTs, escaped from Baltics by the way of so-called
"official Al Capone Raoul Wallenberg" Co's false Finnish pass and corrupted
authorities in Kingdom by the way of Jewish lobbies... A cunning mature, drives
"Invandrar Publications"... She explained that all these scientists had already
one or two international languages what been respected... - She lies!.. I
know a writer, know six or seven language but SvekJa system set him too the
cleaner-catch boy courses... - Yes; I understand... Jolin replied this
case too; "maybe the writer criticised the oligarchical targets..." -
And she publish these subjects on the Invandrar Tidningen? Bravo!... - You
will be chocked; she help to the lobbies to registrate opposite... - Was she
biology-worker in Baltics... - No!... But system need such families to
follow the people and therefore she didn't go to the claenar courses and nor any
language course although her vocabulary is worst when I compare with other
immigrants... Nowadays fixed this family a credit possbility by the lobbies and
Swedish American authorities,looks like a support to publish weekly propagand
bulletin, called "Sesam"... - Is it a propagand bulletin which the
redacteurs in Jew York recommended? - Yes!... Worst and most dangerous in the
world... - Do you explain; what you discovered by Sesam or chief Jolin
Boldt or Jusek/jurists' judadominated syndical sect media runs by Göran Boldt
Co. although this zionist gang never had a single one scientist in the
family!.. - Yes, it's!.. But such chiefs are clever to use the regularly
credits of system... I am an ordinary people and regularly reading all the
issues of Sesam/Jusek falsification magazines and look at on these pages, what
these gangsters provoce: "Immigrants always have problems.. They must complete
their education and integrate to the democratical values..." Very
provocative...It means if you never been accepted as true citizen so you must
think that your education is low, complete it... If immigrated person is
non-judaic originated must complete cources to be disher, even if man is
professor.. But other immigrant who came from Warszawa and presented himself as
academician, accepted to be professor wit´hout a true diplom.. If you criticize
this dirty deal, riskable to be labelled that you collapsed on integration...
- A kind of tregistrated psycho? - Definitely!.. This is a nonsense
market... The masters of this neo-liberal "smiling fascist process" show no
pardon... Since many years the Swedish immigrant publications run by the fascist
zionist readcteurs, collaborators and inseminate false imagination... This is a
insemination what the Zionist Fascists do against thesecond class people in Tel
Aviv... In SvekJa Kingdom, by this shurk-coup drivessame project... Look at
these pages, even the Laponians counts like the second class people and never
discuss serious their minority rights, work rights by the industrial
investigations of Kingdom... They handled often like the Gypsies,more worst;
they handled like prisoners on its own marks like the Palestinians who prisoned
his own haoses there in the occupied Middle East... Do you discussuor rights
here on Immigrant pages? Never... Boldt have credit by Spaarbank and Nordea's
Jew chiefs... Why? Because, Boldt-gang is the best flexible which uses like a
condom against Human Rights...According of these shurks there is no any Zionist
Occupational Gang in the world, but Palestinians been counted as problematics...
Palestinians described like the immigrants there, what the oppressed people
behandles here in SvekJa Kingdom... Boldt and her lap-dogs manipulate the
questions of immigrants and never answer thequestions although there is two
pages for responses... - I know a Jewish paper in USA, redacteur send
letters himself and replies later instead of the true readers... -
Similar tactic!... What Big Brother do, Swedish hypocrites just imitate it...
Not only this fetty imbecill's Sesam, all other creit-addicted papers
administrations making copies of ordinary people's letters... mostly all these
half-officially "Invandrar" publication industry "brain washing instruments on
the immigrants" running on this line... what thelobbies, so-called
"registrationsnamnden" and the collaborators by the Swedish ministries like
much and therefore pumping money.. - Now I have a little question; is
Boldt-gangs are Jewish originated... - More dangereous... Members, so-called
"edsvurna" by the Zionist lobbies!...But how you guess about the origins of
these shurks?! - I am not so stupid although I like sometimes discuss
football, too... - ...and maybe a private question, too!.. How you can be so
close to Jolin!... - She like small and younger Africans like a tradition by
the bourgeoisise fetties nowadays and it was plus point when she discovered I am
from Ethiopia... - More question? - No more, 'cause I have already
all the answers on this area specially experiences by such kind of chiefs who
need my massage... This is biology, too; bio-physique... - But why all these
lobbies hate Rainer Holm?.. Rainer is not immigrant.. - He registrated
because of the critics againt the system and projects.. - What kind of
system? Whose projects, whose rules? - Kidding? - ?!
- Different faces but same play on the dirty scenes!..
- That is right!.. Unfortunately, a crow goes but another crow comes...
Betrayers love eacht other and they always have supporters by the financial
lobbies... For example Sparbank, Nordea, Associates thieves Co,
Citibank/CitiGroup, even CSN and other similarly ziondominated betrayers,
- More dangerous than all other classical mafia examples... Because all these
liberalized instruments have both legal and illegal leagues, different faces on
the different scenes...
- Flexible fascism!..
- Not only this case and such victims, all the anti-imperialists
are the potentially criminals, according to the registrators of lobbies...They
are suspicious in all cases, on all the connections... - They are
suspicious perhaps only on our duties... Otherways I met an interesting gay, he
talks perfect Persian like a true Iranian citizen, practiced around of Gulf...
- Dehdari? Kamali? Tagawi? - Bijan Fahimi!.. This gay, Persian Zionist
case enough to explain any connections between many Swedes... Such "imported
instruments" help to compare with the opprtunities and opportunists for example
these persons systematically been discrimined: Staffan Ehnebom, Jimmie
Östergren, Ahmed Rami, Ernst Rainer Holm (regime critic worker, disappeared in
Gaevle city just after May Day 2003), Henrik Westander, Osmo Vallo (murdered by
police torture in Malmuu-city) and his prisoned brothers, Tony Deogan and
Anders Gustavsson (both murdered by system supported violence leagues and
prosecutors didn't accuse anyone because these poor boys weren't from
bourgeoisie cathegories in the community and both criticized sytem by any
articles before), Bengt Frejd, Olof T. Johansson, Sara Lidman, Calle Höglund,
Belay Mekkonen, Hannes Westberg, Linus Brohult, Sven Wollter, Gunnar Thorell,
Murat Yildiz, Bodil Margret Lindqvist, Staffan Beckman, Ísmet Celepli, Juan
Fonseca (when he had not so intensive interesse on money), Ditlieb Felderer,
Stefan Hjertén, Stefan Dimiter Tcholakov...
- Is it dangerous to have same name? - Very riskable!.. Nephew Stefan
forced to be psyhico because one of the his relatives in Balkan were the
anti-Zionist guerilla leaders... One of the guerillas had same name forced for
Independent Makedonia and jailed by false accusations of two Jewish judges from
Bulgaria just after 1945. Guerilla leader had no possibility to defence himself,
Jewish judges published only the false accusations, including fictive movements
who leaned weapon from Germania under WW II. Although many corrupted judges and
prosecutors were the traitors, this power manipulated history; nobody succeed to
choose what is right what is wrong by medial campaigns... Guerillas, like
"Uncle Tcholakov" sentenced without any minimal evidence.. He died there... We
see another Tcholakov in Scandinavia, immgrated, but pursued and falled in
incredible troubles... This nephew Tcholakov, "immigrated heimatlos Stefan"
borned in 1944 as Dimiter, become a brilliant academical carrier in Sofia
university and fleed to SvekJa Kingdom, completed 180 university points but
prevented from work life, pursued, isolated, discriminated by the the Jewish
registrators, lobbies, specially the collaborators of Clas Lilja
"genetical-researcher Zionist clan" members in the Waexsjö city university...
I can add other figures, too; for example the victims from West Front like
Robert Malecki as true Vietnam deserter and as second category; Jan Myrdal,
Teddy John Frank, Frank Baude, Peter Bratt, (his cell-shared-comrade Jan
Guillou pissed off from lists because he is a multi-milliarder rich, reached to
be droged creatur at last), Dagmar Hagelin (been pursued by Zionist lobbies who
collaborated with dictators of South America and murdered there by fascist
military of Astiz.. Dagmar murdered because her father listed as Marxist and
very interesting now, his family affected by persecution, all the relatives
troubled similarly case and systematically hunting by the Zionist lobbies),
Torsten Leander (only this one pursued person compensed as symbolic maneouver),
Work Rights Fighters Jimmie Östergren from Högdalen and his ombudsman Bengt
Pettersson from Folks house Raagsved Ghetto district, Lilian Gustavsson who is
mother to Anders, 17, murdered by torture methodes of bulldog Anders Carlsberg's
fascist boys at Fyrshuset trainee center in Hammarby bourgeoisie area of
capitol. After that Anders Carlberg prized as Integration chief and poor mother
Lilian still betrays by the Jewish manipulation center Expo's "professional
- It looks like a living history...
- That is right and tv redaction collected much more figures, the names of the
victims, all the almost anti-imperialists... - The "Human enemies"
will not like to talk on such cases.. They hate the truth... - It's true!...
The profiteers of system hate human being... We collected here hundreds of
names... Count please the victims of Estonia ferry, which used to transferring
the nuclear weapons to the West and sinked by an explosion; prosecutors hunted
the criticer intellectuals not the criminal propagandists of Jewish
DN-Expressen-Menorah falsificators nor the boss of weapon markets...... Why thus
people counts in two different categories and what is difference between two
oppressed or only been registrated followed people I don't understand... But you
can notice much more if you visit Veritas Co. Veritas fraud league is a computer
and distribution which serve the falsificators, Swedes call him "Jankele Pirat
kopiormästaren!", means "Bitch falsificator masters' bastard"... - What
is common with all these plays? What is the connection but with our tennisplayer
monkey? - That is the question... They don't know anything and
therefore we are on the duty, means their unknowledge is our gain... -
Game?! - You need go to the ear specialist, my friend; Nordic climate
is not fit to your upside... - ?! **
- Please, my friend!... Take these coverages back to the archives!.. Explain
nothing there, outside;please! I'll do tanksgiving because I have only ond year
to be retired.. - Wait!.. Wait!.. My son and daughters already at AMS and
their fiancees fixed places at Länsarbetsnämnden, Migration teater's
integrationsverket.. It was difficult to be staff there, without any true exam,
nor really job interviews... We mustn't leave their situations on risk!.. - ?!
- I witnessed any related cases... But a woman who formated this explain she was
been guilt, instead of the suspected persons... Don't make laugh on such
stories, please!... One of these writers named Bodil Margret Lindqvist wrote a
saga/story and faced PUL when the Evangelist coup of Swedish church spioned
her... But folks insist to be solidarised with Bodil Margret Lindqvist... Dod
you know, why? Resistance against discrimination... Saga on Ulf BERG , for
instance, this saga is a strong file of Bodil's works... Saga-files are a kind
of action; yes, I should remember that Bodil Margret Lindqvist was VPK-follower
rebel... - VPK? - Vaensterpartiet kommunisterna.. Main European
leftist parties changed themselves but traditionally hate clans of zionist
imperialism didn'rt change the persecution process on the antiimperialists...
- They hate human being... - That's right!.. This is one of the
reasons; yes, she was a famous member by Communist Party... There are any
related explains on her own homepages what she been attacked and therefore
cleaned many pages..
An example about the first story pages of Bodil Margret Lindqvist:
Bodil's ordinary corrected (nicked A. Maria Oilworkerson) short reserv page:

Short story creations like Comrade Bodil's extra diary pages:
http://pub.alxnet.com/guestbook?id=2346394 There are many
solidaríty groups around such anti-imperialist figures for example, the readers'
notices to the story teller Bodil:
Bodil's close friend Comrade Jörgen "Snegroy" (second nick: Kennedy Palme)
built a support page:
- ...so far you works on Internet, it's possible that anybody try to manipulate
- That is right!.. Tere are many fanatics like Livets ord and other fascist
lkeagues who attacking the anti-imperialists. - Definitely!.. Bodil's
works been attacked by Livets ord... There are many server, like Maccabi Jewish
staff and fake Anti-Fa homepages... They still contunie to manipulate... This
is the true terror, advanced by technical support lobbies...
- Sometimes we see good friends, who show very useful solidarity for instance
Jörgen K.; he is Bodil's close friend, struggles well. - This is the
"True Living history"... - If you have any question so I recommend
you'll call to this civil-courage symbol, "Story-teller".. Here is the directly
phone: Bodil Margret Lindqvist tel. 48 03 e-mail:
031.3310815@telia.com - 031? - Mölndal, Vetlanda...
- Wet? Land? - Yes, it's is a piece of SvekJa Kingdom!...
- Even it's not acceptable!.. My heart says; "No!.." - What is most
unfair? - To be handled like the animals in the farm of George
Orwell.. Look at all these masters of swindler who have two-legs only
difference between the other kind of piggs... - I understand your
reactions!... But if you insist to go on the last two legs, riskable that you
can be sanctioned.. Did you heard that many people gone suicide? - Media
didn't explain...... - Whose media? Anyway there are many people, even
an ordinary list can take many pages of newspapers... Advertisements are
important than suicide victims, nowadays... - You mean that the system can
piss off... - Legalized cleansing by modernized methodes... Hundreds of
people commit suicide only in last year... - Human? - ?!

- I have a poem instead tales... - You are welcome!..


** condolences continue/ to the true victims/
but the nonsense of overclass

** my all the roses/
only to the braveheart man/
who been scared whole life/
and therefore scared regime's chief/


when he been scared so cruel/
nobody heard him/
då hördes inte/
when he forced back/
all the overclass members/
and iits staff cried/
what a wonderful circus!..


han som slutat att tystas, utan röstat/
på sitt sätt straffat/
en av nonsense horor av systemet/
som tvingades att göra endast den/
att bli räknad, visa existensen/
en fom av röst, slå tillbaka den/
sionismens marionetten/
vad som hon förtjänat verkligen/

** kondoleansen/
till den/
modiga mannen/
som offrat/


- It's written by Alter Amnesty; fr LIVING HISTORY: Concentration process
memoaries / JobZentrum Vårberg'nbelsen Ghetto, Skaerholm-Stockholm, there the
intellectuals eliminated by the Zionist Imperialism&Jewish chiefs and system's
collaborated lapdogs.
- Wonderful!..
- This is selected literatre example of Contemporary Protest Poetry... This
piece picked-up from the volume: INSPIRATION of WORKERS...Inspirational tv
documentary clips on the dismissed workers/poetrical formated thoughts&spontane
attitudes of the oppressed peoples...
- I like such protest poetry examples... Well, establisment wil continue with
its own thetre roles.. The crocodiles want to force people in the silence.. But
we must unite and read poems, too.. Very fine to know about the Inspriration
examples of Working Class...


- I wonder what is the reason this story-teller uses a strange grammar.. Bad
english, according to the web administrations.... Worst than my chief's school
english level...
- I understand you, too!.. But you know, I met this autor, a clever girl who can
talk wonderful.. I mean, she is a successful person when she talks plenty
fluently on other matters...
- But why this girl tells her story in so incredible strange english?
- I try to explain!... Yes, I asked her about this flat language... She replied;
"When I wrote in correct english, pissed off by the bourgeoisie dominated
media"... So, after this explain I checked it and witnessed that she has
- I wonder the majority been masochists nowadays?!
- Ye', it is stranger than language!... ... Maybe we are living in a period
there bourgeoisie living a social sickness like mass masochistical delusion
system... We piss off the normally attitudes...
- Also, you mean the autor aims to write good tales in bed grammar to fix the
barries of establishment on this sick medial world...
- Approximately...
- But she make folks laugh!... Please, watch this clip, super irritable bad
english.. She makes me laugh, too!...
- Sure!.. Story teller aims it... Otherwise, you are a living evidence that she
succeed to make laugh you like any other pieces of this oligarchical system!..
- What!?..
- ...and at last this story teller added that she believe in "Mankind changed
so much, nowadays civilizated people mostly looks like a kind of animal who can
learn during laughing"...
- ?!


- This broadcasting clip remind me of "the Invisible Writers".
- What does "invisible writer" mean?
- Many years ago I knew a grizzled old playwright named Ray. He lived off state
disability checks, carried his manuscripts in brown paper bags, and drank cup
after cup of black coffee, which I poured for him from behind the counter of the
coffee shop where I worked. He had one piece of advice for me: "Read Othello.
If you want to be a writer you must first read Othello." Ray was a blue-collar
guy who had never gone to college, but he had read Shakespeare, checked out from
the public library near the furnished room where he lived. Ray understood plot
because he had lived and experienced it. He was a born writer. Over the years
I've met a diverse collection of writers who have never been published or earned
any academic credentials, yet whose claim to the title of artist is genuine.
These invisible writers are soldiers and bakers, convicts and salesmen, winos,
hairdressers, firefighters, farmers and waitresses. Their only qualifications to
literary authenticity are their writings and their desire to write. Often the
only time they have is stolen time, and their private scrawls end up on cocktail
napkins, penciled in the margins of receipts, on any piece of paper handy. I
got to know Tom Carson during the first Gulf War, shortly after his platoon had
been sent to Kuwait. We never met in person. He had written to a co-worker of
mine who had moved on, leaving no forwarding address. When I saw the U.S.
military return address on Tom's letter, I decided to answer it myself. We began
a correspondence that lasted through the war and after he returned to Fort
Benning, Georgia. During a hectic two months, Lt. Carson wrote 39 poems. His
themes were the regimented insanity of military life, isolation and loneliness,
the wind and rain of his soul. Carson wrote his lines in rare solitude, in a
barracks or a tent. During the day, he told me, the thoughts gathered in his
head; he censored them but the forbidden words found expression anyway, for even
the U.S. Army cannot discipline the imagination. People imprisoned in
stultifying, menial jobs can summon, with even a minimal command of language,
something entirely private, unfettered and incalculably powerful. Most
importantly, it is something of their own creation that cannot be taken away.
The sense of purpose and identity that comes with being a writer, creator of a
private world, can be life altering. I've known truck drivers who are
natural-born storytellers; fishermen who paint starkly beautiful word pictures
of life on a crab boat in the Bering Strait. I met a barely literate ex-convict
whose short story about losing his wife and child in a revenge killing for a
gang crime he'd committed was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read. I met
a ex-alcoholic who wrote about being abandoned by her husband. In a few simple
paragraphs this uneducated woman in her mid-50s expressed a universal sense of
loss in an entirely unsentimental fashion; something that cannot be taught in
any MFA program. My own father, a novelist who was never published, once wrote
about being fired for writing on the job – a chronic problem in his lifetime. He
worked on an assembly line in a factory that manufactured radios, and the
foreman caught him writing one day while the neglected radio parts moved past
him on the belt. "I was only half a radioman," wrote my father. "In my heart, I
was a poet." As Chester Himes wrote in "The Quality of Hurt": "No matter what I
did or how I lived, I had considered myself a writer....It was my salvation. The
world can deny me all other employment, and stone me as an ex-convict...as a
disagreeable, unpleasant person. But as long as I write whether it's published
or not, I'm a writer." I met Celia at a roadside diner, where she cooked greasy
breakfasts for travelers whose faces she'd never again see. Writing, for Celia,
was a way of being elsewhere, of undoing, undreaming, her mundane daily life.
The monotony of her job and the deadening rituals she performed daily were the
inspirations for the poems she scribbled on used order tickets. To hate your job
and do nothing about it is a failure of imagination: a true life sentence. A
Frenchman I know who was a maitre d' at one of the Washington's finest
restaurants, possesses a novel he composed in the twilight time between the
lunch rush and the dinner hour. His joy on writing it was immeasurable. That it
may never be published did not faze him. The point is that he created it. He
finished it. It is his. "Fiction completes us, mutilated beings burdened with
the awful dichotomy of having only one life and the ability to desire a
thousand," Mario Vargas Llosa wrote. I've often looked for my old playwright
friend Ray's name in print, but have never seen it. I imagine him sitting in a
coffee shop somewhere, brow furrowed as he revises lines of his latest play,
completely absorbed in the world of his characters. I'm sure it frustrated Ray
at times, that his work went unrecognized, but it never occurred to him to quit;
just like it would never occur to him to stop breathing. It is not strictly a
tragedy that Ray's plays, the maitre'd's novel or Celia's poems remain
unpublished. Much of the work comes into being for private reasons of the heart.
If every sentence that was written was printed and bound we would drown in a sea
of words – as it is, thousands of books are hastily published, barely read and
forgotten. Writing itself is the aim, for it is writing, not publishing, that
transforms individual human experience. To write, even in obscurity is
worthwhile. As Samuel Becket put it, writing is a way of leaving "a stain upon
the silence."
- It's true!.. Wonderful described and we are listening a kind of the "stain
upon the silence", just here...

- Bonnier& Murdoch machine has always a "pocket"-group to manipulate the world
- Journalists?
- No!.. Jurists.. These figures always well-paid to spread the
juridical-camouflaged lies...
- Tv team prepared a clip on the many figures , who working like a kind of
"task force"..- Let's watch it!..


- News-circus jureidical staff to manipulate the situation; for example;
Leif SILLBERSKY: stidied juridical line in Ausschwitz or such camp(accordiung to
his lie-chain)...

Louise BJURWILL: Sambo (some kind of maitress) to the JämO instrument's chief
Claes Borgström.. He is jurist (!) too; (you know the Jews and collaborated
Evangelian fascists borning with high-education papers)... This fascist
provocator joined the anti-Maoist provocation groups, too and worked active in
China, used Swedish passport instead her true ID card from Tel Aviv...

Claes Borgström. Sambo (some kind of male maitress) to whore Louise BJURWILL.
Claes borned 1945. Yrke: Brottmålsadvokat, från 1 september ny
jämställdhetsombudsman. Familj: Sambo med Louise Bjurwill, advokat. Barnen Anna,
(b. 1968) , Joel, (b. 1982) , och Anton,(b. 1984) och lånade Borgström själv
till två halvårslånga pappaledigheter genom att utöka sin checkkredit.) Bor:
Villa i Mälarhöjden i Stockholm. Inkomst: 100 000 kronor i månaden som advokat,
får 60 000 kronor som Jämo.

Per E. SAMUELSSON ..much more...

- I heard there are "journalist ID-card owner psychiatrist", too...
- It's true.. There are professor labelled executors, too..


- It looks like a reserv staff on stage; "juridical preparations-sketches"...
- Exactly..
- What a LAWly theatre!..
- ?!


- Jag såg två platser i Stockholm som heter "backe" där spelas ännu seriösare
spel exempelvis Mosébacke i Slussen och Advokatbacken i Alby, Botkyrka Ghetto...
- Vänta lite!.. Jag begriper lite svårt... Kan någon förklara den termen,
"Humanitarian ICJ-Sekt"? Vilka är huvudinsekter av sekten ICJ?
- Lennart Groll, judisk jurist som förut nämndes i avsnittet om
Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter, var ordförande i Svenska
avdelningen av Internationella Juristkommissionen 1981-1994. Juden Groll
avancerade ytterligare till att bli ledamot i Internationella Juristkommissionen
1988 och var dess vice president 1992.

Claes Borgström, judisk advokat och känd i rollen som Sveriges JÄMO -
jämställdhetsombudsman, har länge varit aktiv i Internationella

Jesús Alcalá, den spanske Marrano-juden som trots sionistmaffians våldsamma
trixanden till slut ändå blev fälld och dömd till fängelse som den brottsling
han var, har haft flera åtaganden för Internationella Juristkommissionen vilket
var det som föranledde åtalet mot Alcála 2001 och 2002 då han försökt utnyttja
sin post där för att försnilla biståndspengar.

- Vad säger ni om "Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter"?
- En annan sida liksom SIDA!.. Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter är
en av alla dessa organisationer som missbrukar ordet "humanism" och
"antirasism", en organisation som sin vackra fasad till trots är skapad och
etablerad av judiska och sionistiska intressen - där stöd till den rasistiska
ockupationsmakten "Israel" är en av de gemensamma nämnarna för dess medlemmar.

När det gäller denna kommitté så skall man veta att dess medlemmar och allmänna
struktur är i det närmast en kopia av den sionistiska organisationen Svenska
Kommittén mot Antisemitism, de har t.o.m. liknande brevpapper.

Man kan se denna Helsingforskommitté som en systerorganisation till
antisemit-kommittén, där den förra genom sin missvisande titel om "Helsingfors"
har som syfte att försöka dölja den egentliga - sionistiska - agendan.

När man talar om "mänskliga rättigheter" så handlar de oftast om ryska judars
"rätt" att åka ned till Palestina och där bli ockupanter och kolonisatörer på
den palestinska ursprungsbefolkningens bekostnad.

Vilka är då människorna i denna kommitté?

Bland grundarna ses:

Gerald Nagler är en österrikisk jude och den nuvarande ordföranden för
organisationen Svenska Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter. Han är
också ledamot i den internationella Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga
rättigheter och har t.o.m. varit generalsekreterare för Internationella
Helsingforskommittén, med säte i Wien..

Självklart är Gerald Nagler medlem i Svenska Kommittén mot Antisemitism, och
hans hustru, "kulturredaktören" Monica Nagler och f.d. PEN-ordförande, tillhör
Judisk Krönikas redaktion.

I en intervju publicerad i Judisk Krönika (nr.2-1994) berättas hur Gerald
Nagler, tog initiativet till Helsingforskommittén:

"Avgörande blev den judiska bakgrunden genom bekantskapen med Stockholms
överrabbin Morton Narrowe."
Gerald berättar:

"- Morton, som mer är min vän än min rabbin, tyckte att jag skulle åta mig den
viktiga uppgiften att stödja judarna i Sovjetunionen."
Gerald började "arbeta med opinionsbildning och annan stödjande verksamhet för
de judiska vetenskapsmännen i Sovjetunionen" och "blev senare "uppmanad" - man
nämner inte av vem eller vilka - rabbin Narrowe kanske? - att starta en "svensk"

1994 tilldelades Gerald Nagler belöningsmedaljen "Illis quorum meruere labores"
av åttonde storleken, av den Sverska regeringen (se DN 18/9-1994). Tidningen
skriver att "han får medaljen för mångårig och betydelsefull insats i det
internationella samarbetet i humanismens tecken till fromma för flyktingar och
andra utsatta grupper".

Hur långt Naglers "humanism" sträcker sig är inte svårt att gissa. Judisk
Krönika nr. 2-1994 publicerar en intervju där Nagler ger svar på tal på frågan
om hur han ställer sig till Israel och dess brutala behandling av palestinierna:

" - Man måste förstås ta ställning och då tar jag självklart ställning för
Det är detta som är "selektiv humanism" och de facto rasism.

Bland de övriga som ihop med Gerald var med att starta organisationen ses
sionistiska profiler som:

Per Wästberg (Hirsch), den judiske författaren, grundaren av svenska PEN, och
f.d. Bonnier-redaktören.

Thomas von Vegesack, också Bonnier-chef och medlem i Svenska Kommittén mot

Inga Fischer-Hjalmars, judinna och professor som samarbetar med flera
sionistiska organisationer däribland Svenska Kommittén mot Antisemitism.

Bland övriga medlemmar och aktörer i Svenska Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga
rättigheter ses:

Lennart Groll, jude från den judiska klanen Seidel och som är styrelsemedlem i
Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter. och var ordförande för
organisationens Sverige-avdelning 1983-1988. Groll kombinerade sitt medlemskap i
denna organisation med att samtidigt vara ordförande för rätten under Svenska
Kommittén mot Antisemitisms rättsprocess mot Radio Islam, den s.k. "Rami
processen" 1989 som föga förvånande under Grolls ledning döpte hädaren Rami till
frihetsberövande. Groll var i sitt första äktenskap gift med en judinna som
stammar från den judiska klanen Heyman.

Ragnar Gottfarb (1907-1988), känd judisk advokat som var den internationella
judiska organisationen "JOINTS" representant i Sverige under 40 år, under en
period fullmäktig i Judiska församlingen i Stockholm, och där Gottfarb också
samarbetade med organisationen Helsingforskommittén för mänskliga rättigheter.

Bland aktörer i styrelsen för organisationen för år 2000, sågs förutom Gerald
Nagler som ordförande och ovannämnde Thomas von Vegesack som styrelseledamot,

Karl Birnbaum, styrelseledamot, tyskfödd jude och f.d. chef för Utrikespolitiska

Arne Ruth, styrelseledamot, tysk-född jude, Bonnier-redaktör (DN).

Susanne Urwitz, styrelseledamot, judisk advokat, samtidigt medlem i Svenska
Kommittén mot Antisemitism. Samarbete med Judiska Kvinnoklubben i Stockholm (se
Judisk Krönika, nr.2-1999).

Maciej Zaremba, styrelseledamot, polsk jude, kulturskribent från Bonnier
tidningen DN, personlig vän till Arne Ruth.

Bland övriga i toppen för år 2000 ses Bibi Andersson styrelseledamot, den kända
skådespelerskan, som i andra sammanhang visat sitt stöd för Israel och som
tidigare var ihop med supersionisten Per Ahlmark, se denne.

Andra som får räknas som icke-judiska "nyttiga idioter", shabbez gojer, och
prosionister ser man:

Robert Hårdh, jurist i organisationen.

Percy Bratt, vice ordförande och advokat.

Ann-Marie Boström, styrelseledamot.

På deras långa medlemslista från 1999 ses åtskilliga namn från den judiska

Karl Ahlenius, Claes Beyer, Carl Johan Bonnier, Tomas Fischer, Hedi Fried, Jan
Gehlin, Jan Gottfarb, Inga Gottfarb, Ted Goldberg, Jackie Jakubowski, Erland
Josephson,Georg Klein, Harry Landau, Göran Luterkort, Camilla Nagler, Monica
Nagler, Morton Narrowe, Peter Puide, Joen Sachs, Lisbet Sachs, Harry Schein,
Daniel Tarschys, Svante Weyler, Olle Wästberg och Sioma Zubicky.

Vi har också noterat att båda de folkpartistiska politikerna Hadar Cars och
Kerstin Ek

Josh Greenland - 10/10/2003

"... I don't think our government has the right to overthrow any foreign government, democratically elected or not."

I agree with you on this, strongly. (I make an exception for the governments of the Axis due to their threat to the rest of the world, but since WWII I don't think we've been justified in any of our covert ops or military interventions.)

Josh Greenland - 10/10/2003

"There is plenty of reason to believe Allende was planning his own bloody purge of right-wing elements in the military and in the political sphere as well. Remember, there had already been an attempted coup against Allende a little over two months prior to Pinochet's successful attempt."

Does plenty of reason mean there is actual evidence. This is the first I've heard Allende was planning a coup, and frankly this feeds into the myth that the Pinochet coup was somehow preepmtive and defensive. This sounds like the propaganda that was generated at the time of the coup to justify it.

"And as far as domestic disturbances being the primary cause of the Allende coup, Alec Lloyd is, I think, correct. Chile had the highest inflation rate in the world in 1972 and 1973, and of course, there were also the massive strikes that basically shut down the country the year of the coup."

Probably the worst and the most economically destructive strike was the truck owners' "strike" that had them keeping trucks off the roads so they couldn't transport goods. This "strike" was funded and organized by the CIA.

As far as "domestic disturbances," the CIA was pumping so much money into Chile to fund anti-Allende covert ops, including fake political parties and secretly controlled newspapers, that the price of the dollar versus Chile's currency was pushed down.

"Anyway, I don't think any amount of American destabilization can bring down a foreign government that enjoys true legitimacy and at least the tacit acceptance of the people it governs.... But Allende was a guy who tried to completely remake Chile, and after getting 38% of the vote! There was bound to be domestic combinations raised against him, with or without our assistance."

Chile in the early 1970s was a class-stratified society, something like 19th century Europe. There was already a certain amount of upper-middle class resentment that Allende was helping the poor. But that country's military was professional and didn't initially want to intervene in politics. The US worked to aggravate existing social tensions and to break down Chilean military inhibitions. I don't think it's credible to state that a coup would certainly have happened without our MASSIVE intervention, which I recall went on for a year or two. This was a classic destabilization campaign. (I think the word destabilization may have entered the general US lexicon at that time.)

"The $64,000 question: people like to wring their hands over Allende's sad fate, and it can't be debated that Pinochet's junta was brutal and arbitrary, especially just after the coup, but honestly- can anyone say that Chile would be better off today under a Communist government?"

It's a $64,000 question in confederate money. Salvador Allende was a Social Democrat, not a Communist. Trying to claim that Allende or someone in his government would probably have "communized" Chile is too much of a stretch. The $64,000 confederate money question sounds like an effort to justify the torturing, murderous Pinochet regime by claiming that it prevented a likely or certain slide to communism, which we are all supposed to agree is worse on human rights than any reactionary government ever could be. I don't buy these assumptions, and they would all have to be operative to make the monster Pinochet into the Savior of Chile.

Jesse Lamovsky - 10/10/2003

Mr. Milton,

Good points. Actually, I don't think our government has the right to overthrow any foreign government, democratically elected or not.

Lester Milton - 10/9/2003

Those are good points, but I think we miss the bigger point. Whether or not the U.S. was instrumental in overthrowing these democratically elected leaders (also, see Guatemala in '54 and Iran in '53, not to mention our assistance in the mass murders in East Timor), we spent a great deal of money and energy trying to accomplish the overthrow of democratically elected leaders.

Maybe those democratically elected leaders would have been bad for their countries or good for their countries is kind of irrelevent. Until leaders of the U.S. can say that it was wrong for it to have even attempted to overthrow a single democratically elected government (let alone several), they won't be (and shouldn't be) taken seriously when they speak of the importance of international law and human rights.

Jesse Lamovsky - 10/9/2003


I hear what you're saying, but there are a couple of other issues here, especially in Chile.

There is plenty of reason to believe Allende was planning his own bloody purge of right-wing elements in the military and in the political sphere as well. Remember, there had already been an attempted coup against Allende a little over two months prior to Pinochet's successful attempt. And as far as domestic disturbances being the primary cause of the Allende coup, Alec Lloyd is, I think, correct. Chile had the highest inflation rate in the world in 1972 and 1973, and of course, there were also the massive strikes that basically shut down the country the year of the coup.

Anyway, I don't think any amount of American destabilization can bring down a foreign government that enjoys true legitimacy and at least the tacit acceptance of the people it governs. Look at Cuba and Iran. Saddam Hussein was so legitimate, the American government had to physically invade Iraq to topple him. But Allende was a guy who tried to completely remake Chile, and after getting 38% of the vote! There was bound to be domestic combinations raised against him, with or without our assistance.

The $64,000 question: people like to wring their hands over Allende's sad fate, and it can't be debated that Pinochet's junta was brutal and arbitrary, especially just after the coup, but honestly- can anyone say that Chile would be better off today under a Communist government?

Oscar Chamberlain - 10/8/2003

It was my understanding that, while Kennedy had not wanted Diem killed, the coup and the death of Diem increased the sense of responsibility among Kennedy and his advisors for the fate of South Vietnbam.

I am having trouble remembering my source for that; so maybe its another misperception. But if I am correct, and I think I am, it could be that the outcome of the coup and the increased sense of responsiblity afterwards may have been conflated, somewhat unconsciously, into the idea that Kennedy was fully responsible for the coup and its outcome.

the BZA - 10/7/2003

I'm not exactly sure when the last time the US apologized for aiding in a military coup was, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen too often and I think it's a pretty big deal. It was certainly not intended as key evidence. There are a number of books dealing with the coup in chile, too many to recommend simply because they all say the same thing: the US played a major role in the overthrowing of a legally elected president.
I would also suggest you read The Assassination of Lumumba by Ludo DeWitte and tell me that the Congolese "pawns" had a will of their own, a will that somehow miraculously supported the belgian government and went against the popular demand of the people.

Alec Lloyd - 10/7/2003

I find it ironic that in a post urging careful scholarly scrutiny of historical events, the remarks of the Secretary of State 30 years after the fact are held up a key evidence.

The author is in fact correct: without a fertile environment of domestic unrest, all of the Great Power intervention in the world would have been for naught.

It may be comforting to think that most of the world's ills originated in Moscow, Washington, London or Paris if for no other reason than by implication the solutions would be found there as well.

Alas, this is not the case. Washington and Moscow may have tried to use the Third World as pawns in the Great Game, but the pieces often had a will of their own.

the BZA - 10/7/2003

I agree with Mr. Bergerud when he says that "it is one thing to say that Washington failed to protect Diem and quite another to say that Washington ordered his removal and condoned his murder." I also agree that the Standard is basing their conclusions on extremely shoddy circumstantial evidence and at best one would be "unsure" of the Kennedy administration's role in the Diem coup.
But to lump this event in with the Allende coup and, perhaps even more ridiculously, the Lumumba assassination, is absurd. Just as the evidence strongly supports Mr. Kaiser's viewpoint in this matter, there is a mass of evidence regarding the US involvement in the Allende coup from a much larger perspective than just a casual observer against the socialist president. No historian ignores the fact that Allende was only elected by a slight margin and his power was weak in many ways, but active participation by the United States government has even been acknowledged by our current Secretary of State Colin Powell (given, it was to try to convince Chile to vote our way in the UN, but nevertheless it stands in history). But really incredible is the notion that Lumumba would have been successfully overthrown without the consent of the United Nations and the complete control of the Belgium government. No one is arguing that there is not an enormous amount of infighting between different ethnic groups within the nominal borders of Congo. But to assume that this animosity was not purposefully exploited is to ignore history and absolve major world and colonial powers of their due guilt. You say "Diem was overthrown by Vietnamese for Vietnamese reasons" and I think that is (probably) true. I agree that "one could make a similar statement concerning the coup against Allende, or the murder of Patrice Lumumba," but they would be creating the bad history you speak of in so doing.