Historical Society of Pennsylvania lays off 30 percent of its staff

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Citing operating deficits and a lack of financial stability, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania announced Monday that it would lay off 10 staff members, about 30 percent of the total, trim programming and services, and focus on its role as a library and archive.

In a statement, board chairman Bruce K. Fenton said the hope was that by eliminating jobs, the organization would buy time for "a period of financial recovery and careful planning for its future.”

The society, at 13th and Locust Streets, has been seeking to partner with an academic institution for about three years. Extensive talks with the University of Pennsylvania did not bear fruit, but over the last year and a half, the society has been discussing affiliation with Drexel University.

Those talks have gone slowly — more slowly than anticipated, at least by society officials — and sources close to the matter said Drexel was proceeding with caution after digging into the society’s financial situation.


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