President Trump claims a wheel is older than a wall in plea for border wall. Is he right?

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President Trump claimed during his visit to the U.S. southern borderon Thursday that wheels predated the creation of the wall — launching almost immediate reaction on social media. 

But was he correct?

The president, during his comments in a roundtable event with lawmakers and Border Patrol officials, made the argument for funding a wall along the U.S. - Mexican border by criticizing Democrats and dubbing it a medieval solution that works. 

"They say ‘a wall is medieval.’ Well, so is a wheel. A wheel is older than a wall," Trump said. "The wheel is older than the wall, you know that? There are some things that work. You know what? A wheel works and a wall works. Nothing like a wall." 

When it comes to walls, one of the first known walls used in civilization to enclose a city was the Wall of Jericho, which surrounded one of the first permanent settlements. 

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