It’s Boehner’s turn: Inside D.C. memoir on the way

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The next big political memoir isn’t coming from inside the Trump White House. But it is likely to offer eye-popping tales from inside another important D.C. institution. 

Former House Speaker John Boehner is at work on a memoir about his time in Washington, which stretched nearly two and a half decades, from 1991 to 2015. Then he was chased out of office by the right flank of his party.

The tentative title, “Notes From a Smoke-Filled Room,” suggests that Boehner intends to portray himself as an anachronism, a creature from a bygone era when bipartisan deals were negotiated by party leaders behind closed doors rather than in front of the cameras and on Twitter — and when a politician’s habit for enjoying one too many glasses of expensive Merlot was indulged not excoriated.

“I get the question every day: What was the proudest accomplishment of your time in Congress? And I think it’s that I walked out of there in October 2015 as pretty much the same jackass I was when I walked in almost 25 years earlier. I walked out of there with no regrets … and a hell of a lot of good stories,” Boehner told POLITICO in a statement.

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