Ohio Lawmakers seek tax dollars to document 400 years of African American history

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Lawmakers at the Ohio Statehouse want to study and document the past 400 years in what they are calling the Quadrennial Challenge: Justice and Equality for All.

The two year study would delve into the depths of African American history and provide insight into their accomplishments and tribulations.

“Information that we will obtain over this two year study will help direct us to improve the status of all Ohioans,” said State Senator Vernon Sykes.

Sykes joined other black leaders in the George Washington Williams room at the Statehouse Tuesday.

The room itself is a tribute to the first African American legislator and those that followed in his footsteps.

The room has been decorated this way relatively recently.

“There was no evidence of African Americans anywhere in the state capitol building, a building that used the labor of slaves,” said State Senator Charleta Tavares.

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