Patty Limerick criticizes History Colorado for 'history lite' exhibits

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Patty Limerick is Colorado’s state historian and faculty director and chair of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado.

History Colorado and I are old friends. Thirty years ago, still a newcomer to Colorado, I gave the keynote speech at the society’s annual members meeting. Over the years, to use the classic Western phrasing, I have not been a stranger to that organization; my deepest mission in life is reaching members of the public to persuade them to find value in history.

Before my role as Colorado State Historian became reconfigured, I had four intense months to observe the inner workings of the state agency and nonprofit that manages the History Colorado Center located in downtown Denver.

I am not a person known as uncommunicative or secretive, but I have nonetheless confined my criticism of History Colorado’s operations and actions to a small circle of friends and colleagues.

Maintaining public silence is no longer tenable. Personal and professional integrity demands a more forthright approach and a more open statement of my disappointment in and my hopes for the performance of the state historical society. ...

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