Rutgers history professor calls out "Caucasian a**holes," resigns from white race in Facebook post

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A Rutgers University history professor took to Facebook over the weekend to write what he's calling an "earnest, angry, and ridiculous resignation from the white race."

James Livingston, a white male, ranted on Facebook about the privileged white children – he called them "little Caucasian a**holes" – who apparently interrupted his dinner Friday at the Harlem Shake burger joint in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City.

“OK, officially, I now hate white people," he wrote on Facebook. "I am a white people [sic], for God’s sake, but can we keep them — us — us out of my neighborhood?” the post read. 

He said the restaurant was "overrun with little Caucasian a**holes who know their parents will approve of anything they do."

He went on: “Slide around the floor, you little s**thead, sing loudly, you unlikely moron. Do what you want, nobody here is gonna restrict your right to be white.”

"I hereby resign from my race. F**k these people. Yeah, I know it's about access to my dinner. F**k you, too." ...

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